Sunday, August 28, 2016

Vintage Micro Filet Crochet!

On my recent visit to my childhood home in Oregon, I was going through a collection of vintage handkerchiefs that belonged to my grandmother, and I came across this delicate and beautifully worked piece of filet crochet. I have never seen filet worked on such a small scale. Such perfect stitches! I only wish I knew which of my relatives made this and that I could crochet with her and see more of her work! I am trying to think of something special to do with this handkerchief. It is too amazing to be kept in a drawer!

Close Up to Show Stitch Detail

See how well spaced the stitches are, and how neatly she has worked into the fabric? She must have counted the threads in the fabric between stitchet to space it out so well!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Traveling and Crochet!

Each year I travel to America from Kuwait and packing my crochet is one of the first things I do! I have avoided taking scissors for years so as not to have any problems going through security. I usually take a box of dental floss and use that as a cutter, but this year I wanted something better! 

I was shopping at my local craft store and I happen to find a friend there, Tammy of TS Daily Treasures, who has a wonderful blog that I highly recommend you check out! She told me that she bought one of these decorative Clover cutters and she wears it as a necklace when she travels. I loved the idea of a cutter that could also be a fashion accessory! I bought 2 -a smaller one for threads, and a larger one for yarn. I put them both on a crocheted cord sample I had in my stash. Does anyone recognize it? It is from the Pretty Popcorn Vest pattern I designed for the Crocheting Clothes Kids Love book. I am always excited to find multiple uses for things. The cord helps it from getting lost in my bag. It cuts so smoothly and they come in gold or silver. The smaller one cuts yarn quite well. I think the larger one is great for car trips as airport security may have a problem with it because more of the blade is showing.

Some people have told me that these are not allowed by TSA, but I have taken the smaller one on several trips through security with no problems. It is best to check the regulations in your country before taking them on board!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

eWoodstory Stitchable Pendant Giveaway!

We have teamed up with the wonderful Moogly, for a fun summer giveaway of 4 Stitchable Pendants of the winners choice from our Etsy shop!

For all the details check out Moogly Blog's post, and to enter, simply click on the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post.

Good luck to all who enter!

Here are just a few ideas as to what you could make with our pendants:

For more inspiration, check out our flickr galleries for Mini Masterpiece Pendants, and Modern Stitchable Pendants.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Letting Your Yarn Write the Pattern!

This past weekend I travelled by car up the Oregon Coast from Lincoln City to Astoria. Such a beautiful drive, and opportunity to crochet! I decided to make a panel for the Desert section of the Weaving Stories project, using a beautiful variegated yarn I bought in my local yarn store in Kuwait. It has many of the colors from the color palette I have put together for the project, so I thought it would be perfect for the panel. 

I wanted this piece to be about texture to reflect desert terrain, so I had the idea to change stitches whenever the yarn changed colors from beige to green. When I crocheted the beige portions, I worked random single, half double, double, triple, and double treble stitches, and when the yarn turned green, I crocheted a stitch pattern of 2 double crochet stitches in a stitch, then I skipped the following stitch. It was truly the perfect project for a winding road car trip. I was able to complete the entire 1 meter panel! 

I am now planning to add some surface embroidery, of Al Arfaj flowers, the national flower of Kuwait, to finish off the panel. 

If you have a skein of variegated yarn in your stash, you can do this freeform crochet exercise by simply changing stitches whenever the color of the yarn changes. You can also change direction to make a real freeform piece when not limited to a particular size or shape! You will be amazed at what you create with this technique!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Layering Crochet, a Project in Progress!

I am in the midst of creating a special panel for the Weaving Stories project I am managing. The piece is inspired by Islamic motifs, and will be woven into a 12 meter long panoramic wall.

I wanted to achieve a window effect, so I crocheted the motifs, and was planning to stitch them onto the panel that I knitted in variegated yarn. I was hoping the colors would show through the openings in the motif, but the yarn colors were too subtle to show through. I decided to crochet a disc to go underneath, in the same colors that appear in the variegated yarn, for a bolder effect. I then attached it to the motif by crocheting them together. The motifs are now drying on the blocking board, and when they are dry, I will stitch these completed and joined motifs onto the knitted background. I am excited to see the full layered effect, and how it will look woven into our installation!

Friday, July 1, 2016

eWoodStory Nouveau Necklace Crochet Kits are Back in Stock!

We have arrived in the US, and are now restocking our Etsy shop with Nouveau Necklace crochet kits, and Stitchable Pendants. Also, we will be shipping worldwide from Oregon until August 22nd! New items will be added to the shop daily, until they are all listed!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and I celebrated it with local stitchers at the Sadu House in Kuwait. Mini, the organizer of the gathering, is an amazing cross stitcher, who does beautiful fine work (see her gorgeous butterflies above). She decided to open the event to all types of stitching in addition to knitting to celebrate all handwork! She even made the adorable badges you see in the photo at the top right for us to wear, and another participant made goodie bags for all of us including chocolate and a crocheted flower. My daughter immediately took possession of the flower to make a coat for her baby tortoise!

So much lovely work was being done! Four ladies were making blankets: one lady was crocheting a granny square baby blanket for charity, an another was crocheting a princess blanket made up of crocheted squares that follow a charted design, and other two ladies were making the same flower blanket in different colors. The flower blankets were part of a challenge set by a local crocheter, who challenged them to make 1 square each day for the whole year to end up with a beautiful finished blanket by New Year's 2017! Another lady was creating a doily made from some lovely string she found from a rope seller in one of Kuwait's open markets. You never know where you may find something great to crochet with! One lady was knitting a garter stitch scarf out of the most beautiful chunky pink wool, which may now be my new favorite color after seeing it! Last but not least, two of us were working on pieces for the Islamic section of the Weaving Stories project that I am managing. She is doing crocheted tile inspired motifs, and I am working on a piece that includes knitting and crochet. Stay tuned to see my progress on that piece... One of the ladies was even wearing a crochet filled Mini Masterpiece Pendant, can you spot it in the photos above?

All in all a great morning full of inspiration! I wish every morning could start out with stitching with friends!