Friday, March 20, 2015

The Knit and Crochet Show 2015!

123 days until the Knit and Crochet Show this summer! Registration is now open for classes, and there are some really interesting classes being offered. I signed up for Reversible Intarsia Crochet, and Edgeless & Reversible Cables with Laurinda Reddig, and Crocheting with Unspun Roving with Karen Whooley

 I am really looking forward to meeting new and old friends in San Diego! Will you be attending?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Cherry Blossom Necklace for Interweave!

Photo by Interweave Crochet/ Harper Point Photography
The Spring Issue of Interweave Crochet is now out, and I am pleased to introduce my contribution: the Cherry Blossom Necklace. 

It is an elegant combination of two classic jewelry elements, beads and chain links. I intended it to be worn with the chain off to the side, but you can also turn it so the chain is at the center front or center back for a different look. 

You can have fun choosing yarns for this necklace! In the necklace in the photo above, I used a cotton yarn with a shiny streak running through it for the beads. It gives the effect of natural turquoise. If  you choose a yarn with an all over sheen, the beads could look more like pearls. The Magazine sample beads were made with the beautiful Filatura Di Crosa Brilla yarn. It is available in gorgeous colors that would give you either a stone or pearl effect depending on the color you choose.
Photo by Interweave Crochet/ Harper Point Photography
By crocheting fewer beads and chain links, you can make a bracelet with the same pattern. Since the pattern includes two elements, you could also make your piece with beads only, chain links only, or alter the length of either element within the original pattern, to suit your personal taste. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Free Pattern In Honor of National Crochet Month 2015!

I am so happy to be participating in Crochetville's National Crochet Month Blog Tour for the third year in a row! Thank you to Amy Shelton and Donna Hulka for organizing it! Each day there will be two crochet designers doing special blog posts, and there will also be daily giveaways. This year, Crochetville is featuring the charity Halos of Hope, who provides volunteer-crafted hats to cancer centers across America. They would love donations of crocheted hats, and/or money that they will use to cover shipping costs when they send hats to cancer centers.

This past year has been a great one for crochet, and to celebrate, I designed an elegant triple strand beaded necklace that can be crocheted in any yarn, with unique results. It is a great pattern for a novelty yarn, such as City Life by Premier Yarns, because the combination of stitches allow the colors to be showcased in a beautiful way.

To give you a few ideas on how other yarns work up in th pattern, I made 2 additional samples. The first was made in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light yarn. I used 3 shades of orange, and I really love the graduated effect of the colors when doing each strand in a different color.

For the second sample, I used Berroco Weekend yarn to show how a cotton yarn looks. Cotton is nice for jewelry because it is comfortable to wear next to the skin, and the weekend yarn has a subtle texture that adds interest to the beads.

The Ultra Alpaca Light is a DK weight yarn and the Weekend yarn is a worsted weight. I followed the pattern instructions exactly, which resulted in the Ultra Alpaca Light version becoming more of a choker. You can easily add or subtract beads from the strands to make the necklace the length that you desire.

I hope I will see many pictures of the necklace made up in different yarns! This pattern is now available as a FREE download via Ravelry

To continue on the Crochetville Blog Tour,   check out Marty Miller's blog today, and visit the blogs of Stacey Vaka and Dora Ohrenstein tomorrow, to see what they have in store for you! You can view the entire month's schedule of designers here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Exciting New Additions to Our EwoodStory Etsy Shop, Coming Soon!

Spring is in the Air and we are busy preparing some exciting new things for our Etsy shop. Soon we will be listing our unique Blooming Bracelet crochet kits that will be available in 6 different colors, painted Mini Masterpiece Frames, and Nouveau Necklace Kits in new color combinations as well as some of our most popular combinations. Please stay tuned, new stock will be winging its way to the US, this week!
Mini Masterpiece Pendants, will soon be available in beautiful colors!
Nouveau Necklace Kits, and Exotic Wood Mini Masterpiece Frames

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vote for the Sunny Day Skirt!

I had some exciting news this morning! My Sunny Day skirt from Crocheting Clothes Kids Love, has been nominated for a Flamie in the Skirts category! The voting is now open on the Crochet Awards Website. Go and vote now for all of your favorites in each of the apparel categories!

There is just something about wearing the color yellow that makes you feel cheerful and optimistic.  I designed this skirt with that feeling in mind. When I ordered the yarn for the skirt, I wasn't sure what it would look like. It was one of those projects that really started with the yarn and then developed from there. 

The next thing I decided on was the shape. I loved the idea of an a-line wrap skirt. Easy to wear and forgiving if you are in between sizes. I love lacy crocheted skirts, but often the problem with many lacy skirts is that you need to wear something underneath, and it can be difficult to find a suitable undergarment. This skirt was designed to have the lacy side panel in front, but the full front panel is not see through. So you get the best of both worlds, a somewhat lacy skirt that can be worn on its own.

By making the front in 2 colors, it created the perfect canvas for crocheted appliqués. It was a little nod to the work I used do as an embroidery designer. You could even take it a step further and use the pale yellow to make more flowers and dots to be stitched to the darker yellow part of the skirt, or make the flowers and dots in all different colors.

This skirt has many interesting small details such as the decorative edging on the top edge of the skirt, the belt loops at the back to keep the tie in place, and the filet mesh edging, complete with surface crochet detail, that carries the look of the side front panel all the way around the skirt. The icing on the cake is the embroidery embellishment on the buttons and dot appliqués. If Appliqués aren't for you, I think the full front panel done in multi-colored stripes would look wonderful as well.

It is fun to have a special occasion to tell you a little more about the Sunny Day Skirt, one of my favorite patterns from the book!

Sunny Day Skirt as seen in Crocheting Clothes Kids Love
Front View
Close-up to show button and bow 
Close-up to show appliqué details
Close-up to show belt loop and decorative top edging
Close up to show surface crochet detail on the bottom edging
Back View

Sunday, February 15, 2015

So Many possibilities for the Woven Placemat!

Remember the Woven Placemats I designed for the Interweave Crochet Home issue?  I believe you can never have too many placemats, so I wanted to show you a few fun things you can do with this pattern...

Below is a close-up of the original version of the placemats. One color for the background with 2 different colored cords woven through.

You could also add a little more color by adding another color cord:

If you like monochromatic, try making the cords out of the same color as the background:

Or how about changing the texture of the mat, simply by changing the yarn to a heavier weight, and increasing your hook size accordingly:

If you want to make the mats in a shorter amount of time, or if weaving the cords through doesn't appeal to you, I think the stitch pattern of the background of the mat is lovely on its own:

You could also weave ready made cords or rick rack through for an interesting effect. Or vary the pattern of the colors of the cords when weaving them in, to give you the look of a plaid.

Try out different ways of making the mats in small square swatches, which can become coasters! So many possibilities! How would you make yours?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Free Valentine Crochet Ring Pattern!

There is just something about heart shaped jewelry that I love. You may have guessed that from my previous post!

Just in time for Valentines Day, I have designed a pattern that can be crocheted in minutes with a snip of yarn. They would be fun to make as friendship rings or party favors. Try metallic yarn for a bit of glitz, or you could even stitch small beads or pearls between the rounds instead of doing the surface crochet detailing. It is a pattern you can really have fun with. I would love to see photos of the rings you make, if you choose to use the pattern! The pattern is available on Ravelry as a FREE download!

Back of Ring