Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns for Kreinik!

The Kreinik company asked me to design some jewelry using their Kreinik Twist Carry Along yarn. I was very happy to see how light it was, and how you can add it effortlessly to any yarn to give it a little sparkle. This is especially exciting for people who like to crochet jewelry because you can make any yarn look richer without adding any weight to the base yarn. I crocheted the samples with Berroco Weekend yarn, which is comfortable to wear and comes in lovely colors. It becomes extra special with the addition of the Kreinik Twist! 

I intended to design one necklace, but the first necklace snowballed into a second version and a matching ring! The base of the two necklaces are the same, but they fasten differently. I couldn't decide which version I liked better, so I sent them both versions. I am thrilled to say, they decided to publish both versions! When I was crocheting the Bow Center version, it inspired a ring design that I think is simple and effective. You never know where the crochet hook will take you! You can find all 3 Looking Glass patterns for FREE on Kreinik's website. 

The version with the Bow Center is the winning version on Ravelry and Instagram. Which is your favorite?
Looking Glass Necklace with Bow Center
Looking Glass Necklace with Knot Center
Looking Glass Bow Ring

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exciting News for eWoodStory!


We have been waiting for this day for months husband and I are happy to announce that our  collaborative line of ready made necklaces, Nouveau Necklace crochet kits, and Mini Masterpiece necklace frames are now available at one of our favorite places in Kuwait: the Sadu House, in their gift shop. For many years we have admired the work that this cultural center does to promote the art of Bedouin weaving and support the local creative community. We were so thrilled when they asked if they could sell our line in their shop, since it is a place where visitors to Kuwait and residents of Kuwait enjoy visiting. If you are in Kuwait and would like to visit the Sadu House, they are located on the Gulf Road and their opening hours are from 8am to 1pm, and 4-8pm, Saturday-Thursday.

We also love Kathryn Vercillo's review of our Mini Masterpiece Frames. We sent her a frame to try and she stitched up a lovely piece and describes her experience with it. It is so exciting to see what people are doing with the frames and we look forward to seeing more and more creations added to our flickr gallery!

The last piece of exciting news is that one of our necklaces was worn by the wonderful Vickie Howell on an episode of Knitting Daily TV, that will air early next year!

We are hard at work designing some new items for the line, so stay tuned for more updates... We are on Instagram and Twitter as @ewoodstory if you would like to follow us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Make a Necklace with the En Fleur Cowl Pattern!

I loved making the motifs for the En Fleur Cowl so much, that I decided to try crocheting them in size 5 pearl cotton thread. The result was an eye-catching necklace!

If you have the Winter issue of Crochet! magazine, you can make this necklace by using the motif instructions from the En Fleur Cowl pattern.

Here are the modifications:

En Fleur Necklace

Hook Size: 1.75mm
Notions: Tapestry needle; sewing needle; invisible nylon thread

Follow the instructions in the Winter 2014 issue of Crochet! magazine for the En Fleur Cowl, to make 7 Motifs.

For the eighth motif, follow the cowl Motif instructions, but do not fasten off. After making the final sl st, turn the Motif to the Wrong side, ch 10, then sl st back in same st. Turn the Motif to the right side and make 15 sc sts into the ch lp. This forms the Fastening Loop.

Fastening Dome:

Rnd 1: Rep rnd 1 instructions for cowl Motif.
Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in same st, then in each st around. Sl st in beg sc to end rnd.
Rnd 3: Sl st in every other st around to close up the Fastening Dome. Fasten off.


Weave in all loose ends with a tapestry needle. Using invisible nylon thread and a sewing needle, stitch all 8 Motifs together at the tops, where the groups of 3 dtr sts are, and putting the Motif with the Fastening Loop on the end. Stitch the Fastening Dome to the end of the necklace that is opposite the Fastening Loop. Pin the necklace out on a blocking board and pin out into desired shape, then wet block. Allow the necklace to dry completely before removing the pins.

The En Fleur Cowl That Inspired The Necklace

Friday, October 3, 2014

The 2014 Crochet Awards!

After a two year hiatus, the Crochet Awards, otherwise known as the Flamies, are back with a new look and new categories. The creator of the awards Laurie Wheeler, has been working hard to make this the most exciting year yet for the awards.

Nominations are open now, and you can nominate your favorites in the crochet industry. It is such an honor to be recognized for the work you do. I was so thrilled when Kristine Mullen of Ambassador Crochet posted that she would nominate me in the Accessories category. Thank you Kristine!
I nominated Kristine for the "Friendliest Crochet Designer". I was fortunate to meet her at the Knit and Crochet Show this summer, and she is one of those people that after only a few minutes of chatting, you feel that you have known her for years! She is also very supportive of other designers and regularly promotes their work on her Facebook page. She is a wonderful tech editor, designer, and homeschooling mother of 6. I really admire all she does and how well she does it. A true superwoman!

I nominated Kathryn Vercillo's blog: Crochet Concupiscence for Best Crochet Blog, because she tirelessly promotes the art of crochet and keeps us all informed of the most interesting crochet related news on the internet!

I nominated Linda Dean for Best New Designer, as she is a great designer who has accomplished so much in the industry in a short time.

I nominated Linda Skuja's "Convergence Top" for Best Womens Garment Design. It appeared on the Cover of Interweave Crochet and it was a runaway success with crocheters on Ravelry. A beautiful, and clever design!

I nominated Laurinda Reddig's Reversible Color Crochet book for Best Instructional Crochet Book, because I am so intrigued by the technique that she developed, and she does an excellent job of explaining it in her book.

I nominated Vashti Braha for Best Crochet Instructor. I was lucky to be a student in her Tunisian Eyelet Meshes class at the Knit and Crochet Show, and found it fascinating. I love her teaching style and hope I have the opportunity to take more classes from her in the future!

I nominated Marly Bird's Yarn Thing Podcast for the Best Podcast award. She is a wonderful interviewer who puts her guests at ease with her friendly personality. Her show is always so interesting and entertaining.

I nominated my amazing mentor Margaret Hubert for the Lifetime Achievement award, because she is incredibly prolific, and an inspiration to all for everything she has accomplished. She is a master crocheter and freeform crocheter and her work is popular worldwide.

Who will you nominate? Visit the Flamies website now to get your nominations in before the official voting in November!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Talking About the Festival Hairband Stand

I took a lot of inspiration from my now 8 year old daughter, when I was designing projects for Crocheting Clothes Kids Love.  I designed this hairband stand because my daughter has a wonderful collection of hairbands, and tossing them in a drawer often damages them. I thought, why not display them in a beautiful way? They can become part of a girls room decor, and be accessible.

The main component you need for the stand is an oatmeal container. I use a lot of oats in my house because I grind oats in my food processor to make flour. My daughter loves it when I make carrot cake, and it is more nutritious with the addition of oat flour. Here is the recipe, in case you are interested. It gets my daughter (and many of her friends at school) to eat carrots, walnuts, and oats. Which makes me love the recipe even more. For the school version, I leave off the frosting because  want it to be a part of a healthy lunch. After you have made delicious things with the oats, you can upcycle the container into the Festival Hairband Stand

For the book's photoshoot, I put together a selection of hairbands that I embellished.  I wanted bands that would add interest to the stand without competing with it. I thought it might be interesting to tell you about the bands that were featured on it.

This band was a plain straw band. I had some pretty white lace in my stash. I dyed it with camomile tea, then stitched it to the band with invisible nylon thread.

I covered this band with paper and then decoupaged it with paper pieces I cut from a Spode china catalog, so it would look like a mosaic.

 For this band, I used one of the yarns that I used in the hairband stand and wrapped it around the band, then glued the ends to keep the wraps in place.

 I also wrapped this band with the yarn from the hairband stand, then wrapped it again in two directions to get the x's on top.

This was some handmade lace I bought at a street market in London several years ago. I was saving it for just the right project! I covered a satin band that I had made when I was working as an embroidery designer. You can see some of the embroidery peeking through the lace.

In addition to the oatmeal container, you will need lightweight quilt batting and 1 whole skein of Berroco Weekend "Swimming Hole" 205 yd [189 m], 50 (46m) yds of "Clothesline", and 72 yds (66m) of "Curry".

I was going to buy bands for the photoshoot, but embellishing the ones I already had, made them unique and upcycled as is the underlying theme of the project. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The En Fleur Cowl for Crochet! Magazine

I am so happy that I was given another opportunity to work with the wonderful Ellen Gormley, editor of Crochet! magazine. After we finished writing Crocheting Clothes Kids Love together, she became the editor for the magazine and asked me if I would submit something to the magazine. She is doing wonderful things with the magazine, and I am thrilled that my cowl gets to be among its pages. 

I had been working with this floral motif for a while, and it was going to be much smaller, and an embellishment to a purse! I kept playing with the purse design, but nothing was working. I realized the only thing I loved about it was the flowers! I loved them so much, I decided they should be the star of the project! I crocheted them in chunky yarn, then I experimented with how I would put them together, and what they should become. I found that 3 joined together was the perfect size for a cowl, and the way they looked joined together was very interesting from all angles. A quick and satisfying project to crochet. It would also make a wonderful gift!

It is crocheted in a brand new yarn for Berroco: Ultra Alpaca Chunky. I have always loved their Ultra Alpaca yarns, and I was really excited when I found out they were producing a chunky version! It comes in lovely colors and works up beautifully. If you need a chunky yarn for a project, definitely give it try!

The En Fleur Cowl is in the Winter issue of Crochet! magazine. The digital edition is now available, and the print edition will be on sale beginning October 14th.

Back View
Side View

Friday, September 12, 2014

Making Tassels More Beautiful By Blocking

Yes, I really do block my tassels. You could say I block just about everything I do that involves yarn! No matter how carefully you wrap and trim your yarn when making a tassel, it will usually need a little grooming to make it hang neat and straight. 

This is how I block my tassels:

First, pin the tassel to a blocking board, then spray it with water. 
Next, straighten the yarn strands so that they lie flat.

Then, trim the tassel across the bottom to make all of the strands the same length.

After trimming, leave the tassel to dry before removing the pins.