Monday, December 25, 2023

Two New Designs in "60 Quick Crochet Projects for Beginners"

This book has been a few years in the making, so it was hard keeping these designs a secret for so long! The first design I submitted to the "60 Quick Crochet Projects Book", was the "Tying the Knot Bag". It features one of my favorite techniques of creating shaping by using varying stitch heights. It is super fun and satisfying to crochet. It is also crying out to be crocheted using more than one color, for example alternating two shades of a color, or sections using different colors to define the bag's shaping.



I love designing for chunky yarns and finding new ways to incorporate them into my work. Sometimes it can be difficult when you don't want the item you are making to be too thick or stiff. For the "Windows of Opportunity Scarf", my second design for the book, I had the idea to crochet a light weight base scarf with a lot of drape, and then go back and embellish it with surface crochet in a chunky yarn. It adds an unexpected detail which reads as a magnification of the underlying stitches.

 To see all of the designs in the book and details of each and every one, visit the book's page on Ravelry.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Pillow Corsage Pattern Re-release!

Recently a crocheter on Ravelry contacted me to ask about this pattern. She wasn't able to find it via the link on Ravelry. I was unaware that it had disappeared! It was originally published in the online crochet magazine Crochet Me back in 2005, and more recently it was available in the Interweave store. I dug through my back files and was able to find the original pattern, plus a second version!

I created a new pattern page and uploaded it to my Ravelry pattern store. I am offering them as free patterns. Here are both versions if you would like to download them. 

It is a fun little home decor accessory pattern that could also be used for other things, like a brooch if you use lighter weight yarn or thread. If you end up using the pattern, I would love to see what you make and how you use it! Feel free to post a photo on Ravelry. :-)

Version 1 Close Up

Version 2

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Tale of a Woven Sadu Necklace

In my quest to make functional items from the samples I am weaving in my Sadu Weaving classes, I had the ultimate challenge of making something out of a 2 1/2" piece of weaving. I intended on weaving two longer strips, but a little cutting accident while removing the pieces from the loom, resulted in this little piece needing to become something nice. I am a firm believer that some of the most creative projects begin as accidents. Challenging yourself to work with what you have makes your brain work in a different way. Of course the first thing that came to mind was a piece of jewelry, because that is what I like to make most of all!

The biggest trick was how to make the top of the pendant look finished and not like a chopped off sample strip. I gathered the top in, to make a pompom on top, I added some more yarn strands to make it fuller. It seemed like too much fringe at the bottom, so I rolled up the white strands on the ends and couched them into scrolls. Then the little chopped off strip of weaving became a sculptural piece, worthy of being a pendant. I finished off the piece with a crocheted cord and bobble and loop fastening at the back. Crochet always saves the day on finishing!

My main goal was to transform the piece into something that looked like it was meant to be, instead of an accident. I am now thankful for the accident, and planning to weave some more small pieces on purpose to create with!

Friday, November 12, 2021

With the Help of Crochet: Small Sadu Weaving Projects

I recently started taking traditional Sadu Weaving courses through the Insij program at the Sadu House in Kuwait. It is a 5 level program, and I have completed the first 2 levels. I have always wanted to learn how to do Sadu Weaving and the program began at just the right time for me! While we are learning the weaving patterns, we are weaving lots of long strips. It is my goal to make something functional out of each strip! In order to do this, the process often includes crochet. Crochet can make strong seams, fill in gaps, add surface detail, and make handles. The hook is so versatile, you can stick it anywhere in the weaving!

The first project that I want to share with you is a little basket that I made out of a small strip of weaving. I overlapped the ends and made the seam a feature. I added a small cascade of tassels to finish it off!

I decided to crochet the bottom of the basket, but I didn't crochet a separate piece. I began crocheting into the woven strip and decreased with each round until I closed up the center. Then I wove in the black detailing with a yarn needle. Thanks to crochet, this woven strip became a functional piece of home decor!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Free Yarn from Yarn Canada!

Yarn Canada is giving away $4000 worth of yarn for your charitable projects!

They know so many wonderful people knit and crochet for good causes and they would love to hear your stories and help out. They have partnered with Bernat and Patons yarn to give 12 individuals and groups a total of $4000 worth of yarn to use towards their good works/ charitable projects. Since they get requests from all over, and they would like to do something nice for their neighbours, this is open to Canadians and Americans. 

Here is the yarn they will be giving away:
-$1000 of yarn to a Canadian group who knits or crochets for a good cause
-$1000 of yarn to an American group who knits or crochets for a good cause.
-10 x $200 of yarn to Canadian or American individuals or groups who knit or crochet for a good cause

The details and application page are here.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Exciting News! Crochet for Me Special Pattern Bundle!

Spring has sprung, and while I don’t ever want to put my crochet hook down, about the last thing I want to be working on is a blanket. So my thoughts turn to lace! Lace to make – challenging stitches, airy patterns, gorgeous lightweight yarns – and lace to wear – the perfect items to get me from Spring to Summer or Summer to Fall.

In honor of Spring I joined 34 of my crochet designer colleagues and created the Crochet for Me Lace Bundle. It’s chock full of 46 individual patterns, never before offered in a bundle or for free, that will give you a wide range of patterns that will suit your lacy fancy.


All sorts of patterns are included from hats and headbands, to tees and shawls, to a dress and jewelry, and even a lacy pillow for your lounging pleasure.

I contributed 3 of my popular patterns to the bundle. The Gloria Headband, Venezia Necklace, and Julia Necklace.

Gloria Headband

Venezia Necklace

Julia Necklace

You get all 46 patterns featured in this bundle for only $25. That’s less than 55 cents per pattern! But the offer is only available through April 21, 2021, 11:59 PM Eastern, and it absolutely will not be extended nor repeated.


Want to see what else is included? Have a look at this video featuring designs from the bundle.


If you purchased these patterns individually they would cost you well over $200. And by buying from a coalition of designers like this instead of a huge publisher, you know that your money is going where it’s needed – into the pockets of your favorite designers so they can keep on creating the patterns you love to make.


If all of that is not enough to convince you you need this bundle here’s one more great thing. Once you gain access to the patterns you ALSO get a file with extra discount codes for additional products offered by some of our amazing designer friends. And there’s a 15 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose.


So support the community that you love, rejoice in the fact that you are a clever bargain hunter, then put your feet up and crochet something light and lacy as you watch the flowers bloom! Enjoy all of these things – and the lovely Spring weather – while they last.




Wednesday, March 24, 2021

New Crochet Pattern Release: This and That Scarf!

I am excited to announce the release of the This and That Scarf. It is all about having fun with basic stitches to create texture and interest! Every row is different from the last and the scarf is made in panels, so it is a nice take along project that will keep you interested and wanting to see what it next to crochet. The stitch combination looks very different but is equally beautiful on both sides of the scarf. Your choice of colors can transform the look of the scarf, so it is a good idea to make a color swatch to know the best order of the colors. I am especially looking forward to seeing some finished projects on Ravelry, so if you make the scarf I would love to see what you do with your color choices!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Hooks Required: G/4.00mm & H/5.00MM

 ***To celebrate the launch of The This and That scarf, I am offering a special 50% discount on this pattern to my readers through May 31st! Just use the code: ThisThat50 at checkout.***