Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seeing the Beauty in Filet Crochet!

For a long time Filet Crochet didn't catch my interest, and I always quickly passed by the pages in my vintage crochet books. Lately, I have been looking at it with new eyes and can see so many possibilities for the technique! Its beauty is its relative simplicity; if you can graph it on a chart, you can make it in Filet Crochet. I was excited to see the article Linda Dean wrote for Crochet! magazine on translating Filet Crochet patterns into Tapestry Crochet. True crochet innovation!
Last night I was going through my grandmother's crochet books and I came across a real gem: Priscilla's Filet Crochet Book No 2, published in 1914. It is full of beautifully intricate filet designs. Below are some of my favorites:

Vintage Filet Crochet was mainly used on home decor items and as trims. I would really love to see some fresh, modern Filet Crochet used in new ways...The wheels in my head are turning!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Ravelry Crocheters Make the Ruffles Scarf!

One of my most versatile patterns to date has got to be the Ruffles Scarf. I have already posted here about a dozen ways to wear the scarf, and how to make a cowl and a wristlet from the pattern. There are currently 37 projects listed on Ravelry, and I love what crocheters are doing with the pattern! From using variegated yarn and different weights of yarn, to adding a pin or weaving a ribbon through, each crocheter adds a bit of their own personality. I chose some of my favorite projects, and all of their creators have graciously allowed me to show their work here on my blog. I hope these photos will inspire you to make your own version of the Ruffles Scarf!

Monday, June 3, 2013

My First Book: Crocheting Clothes Kids Love!

This past year has been so exciting for me and my Crochet Career. The absolute highlight was writing this book with my co-author, Ellen Gormley. Our editor recently sent us this photo of the final cover, so  I finally get to reveal it! I love the creative freedom you are given when designing for children, so I was thrilled when Creative Publishing International asked me to write this book. It was 7 months of solid hard work, and thanks to the support of my family, I was able to pursue my dream of writing a book. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Ellen, and I am excited for you all to see the fun we had designing the projects! The book will be out in February 2014, and late this summer I will begin talking about it. Bit by bit, I will be able to introduce and describe my projects and make suggestions for additional ways to use the patterns. Stay tuned for details!