Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Make a Wristlet with the Ruffles Scarf Pattern

The ideas just keep coming for alternate uses for the Ruffles Scarf Pattern! After posting about making a cowl with this pattern, I decided to try making one out of thread. I thought it would make a charming wristlet, or if you make a set, they would be lovely cuffs!

I decided to add a little extra embroidery embellishment and surface crochet, to dress it up even more. It might also be fun to change colors every row to make a striped version!

To make a wristlet from the Ruffles Scarf pattern:

1. Use Pearl Cotton size 8. 

2. Use steel hook size 7 (1.50mm)

3. Work 28 rows of the scarf pattern as written.

4. In the 29th row, you will make three button loops in the center section. Work the top ruffle sts, then make the first hdc in the center section, *ch 8, sl st in first ch to make a loop**, hdc in next 5 sts*. Rep from * to * once. Rep from * to ** once, hdc in next st, then complete the bottom ruffle sts.

5. Work the edging as written, but stop at the top corner and do not make any edging on the last short side. (The one with the button loops).
6. Additional top edging: with a second color yarn begin in the top right-hand corner of the wristlet. Insert hook into the corner yo and pull up a lp, then *ch 8, sc on top of space with a lone sc from last round of edging*. Rep from * to * across top of wristlet, ending with a sc in the last st in the top edging. Fasten off.

7. Surface crochet detail on bottom edging: turn wristlet so you can work with the bottom edge at the top. Insert hook in a st in the top right-hand corner of the wristlet, yo and pull loop up to surface, *then insert hook in next st, yo and pull up a loop, then pull this loop through the loop already on the hook*. Rep from * to * in each st across bottom of wristlet. Fasten off.

8. To make the buttons. Wrap the yarn twice around your finger to form a magic ring. Insert hook into ring, yo and pull up a loop, ch 2, then make 10 hdc into ring. Pull on the tail end of the yarn to tighten the magic ring. Sl st in every other st around to close up the button. Fasten off. Repeat these instructions to make 2 more buttons. Stitch these 3 buttons to the middle of the first row of the wristlet, to match up with the spacing of the button loops.

9. Lazy Daisy Embellishment: with the second color of thread, make 5, 4 petal lazy daisies tacking the petals to rows 2 and 4 (first daisy), 8 and 10 (second daisy), 14 and 16 (third daisy),  20 and 22 (fourth daisy), 26 and 28 (fifth daisy). Then, with a third color make a French Knot in the middle of each lazy daisy. Neatly weave in all loose ends, then block the wristlet by spraying it with water and pinning it out into shape on a blocking board. When it is completely dry you can remove the pins, wear, and enjoy!

The Ruffles Scarf pattern is now available for sale and download in the Interweave store.

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