Saturday, June 18, 2016

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and I celebrated it with local stitchers at the Sadu House in Kuwait. Mini, the organizer of the gathering, is an amazing cross stitcher, who does beautiful fine work (see her gorgeous butterflies above). She decided to open the event to all types of stitching in addition to knitting to celebrate all handwork! She even made the adorable badges you see in the photo at the top right for us to wear, and another participant made goodie bags for all of us including chocolate and a crocheted flower. My daughter immediately took possession of the flower to make a coat for her baby tortoise!

So much lovely work was being done! Four ladies were making blankets: one lady was crocheting a granny square baby blanket for charity, an another was crocheting a princess blanket made up of crocheted squares that follow a charted design, and other two ladies were making the same flower blanket in different colors. The flower blankets were part of a challenge set by a local crocheter, who challenged them to make 1 square each day for the whole year to end up with a beautiful finished blanket by New Year's 2017! Another lady was creating a doily made from some lovely string she found from a rope seller in one of Kuwait's open markets. You never know where you may find something great to crochet with! One lady was knitting a garter stitch scarf out of the most beautiful chunky pink wool, which may now be my new favorite color after seeing it! Last but not least, two of us were working on pieces for the Islamic section of the Weaving Stories project that I am managing. She is doing crocheted tile inspired motifs, and I am working on a piece that includes knitting and crochet. Stay tuned to see my progress on that piece... One of the ladies was even wearing a crochet filled Mini Masterpiece Pendant, can you spot it in the photos above?

All in all a great morning full of inspiration! I wish every morning could start out with stitching with friends!

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Flor Necklace for Interweave Crochet Summer 2016!

The Summer Issue of Interweave Crochet recently came out, so I can finally talk about my designs! These two necklace versions are based on the same motif crocheted forwards and backwards to create a unique modern crochet look. The top version has two sets of two motifs joined together, and the bottom version has 2 motifs joined together with an asymmetrical graduated chain.

Many of my designs are not planned out before I pick up my hook! The Flor Necklace design is one of those designs! I first crocheted a few of the motifs, not knowing exactly what I would do with them. I got out my necklace form and started pinning them in different ways. Then I decided to join them by pulling one through another, which creates a small knot effect. I couldn't decide which version I liked better- the version with 2 or the version with 4 motifs joined together, so I submitted them both, thinking that the editors at Interweave Crochet would choose one of them. Imagine how thrilled I was when they told me they would like to publish both versions! Once you have made one version, the other is just a very slight variation. Both necklaces fasten at the back with a crocheted bobble that goes through a loop, so there are no supplies to buy. It takes very little yarn to make one, so you may have just the perfect yarn already in your stash!

I hope to see lots of projects on Ravelry! I can imagine many ways to crochet this necklace. It could be really amazing in just the right type of variegated yarn, or you could make the motifs different colors, which would give you a really different look! In addition to the patterns being available in the magazine, you can also purchase patterns from this issue individually from the Interweave online store! 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Winner of the Vintage Modern Crochet Giveaway Book is...

Colored Pencil Bowl by eWood Woodworking
Thank you to all who entered the giveaway for Vintage Modern Crochet, it really is a beautiful book! My daughter drew the winning name, and congratulations goes to Kathleen (katdebrob on Ravelry).              
I will contact you via Ravelry to get your details so that Interweave/ F+W Publishing can send you the digital copy!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Vintage Modern Crochet Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Today I am being featured by Robyn Chachula on her special blog series about her beautiful new book, Vintage Modern Crochet!

The book is a wonderful collection of 20 patterns by Robyn and a host of other designers in the industry, including myself. Robyn approached us to design patterns inspired by different lace crochet techniques. She wanted us to interpret them in a new modern way. 

I have always loved pineapple crochet, so designing for this technique was a given for me! Pineapple lace is traditionally crocheted in thread, and I think that crocheting it with a heavier yarn magnifies the effect of its beauty.  I designed the Kidwell Wrap with that in mind. The shape of the motifs when joined gives the wrap its unique edging, and the bold finishing touch of tassels makes this wrap stand out from the crowd.
Kidwell Wrap

I recently got the sample back, and I can't wait for the cold weather to be able to wear it!

The second design I have in the book, is the Bow Tie Necklace

Bow Tie Necklace

I love simple statement jewelry, and I have an affinity for bows. Filet crochet is such fun to do and this project is perfect for trying out the technique! Once your mind starts thinking in blocks, the pattern is smooth sailing! There are two versions of the necklace in the book, one with crocheted cords, and one with purchased chain, jump rings, and clasp. That way you can choose the look you like best, and if you just want to make the necklace with thread you already have, you can crochet it entirely from thread without having to purchase any additional supplies.

My favorite color to wear is black. Remember my post about crocheting with dark thread, well... I decided that if I had a black Bow Tie Necklace, that it would be a "go to" necklace for me! I wanted a little smaller version of the Bow Tie, so I crocheted it from DMC Pearl Cotton 8, and used a size 1.25 hook. I used the same written instructions as in the book, and it came out the perfect size! I had a black velvet necklace cord, so instead of crocheting cords or using chain, I decided to thread the Bow Tie onto the cord instead. My goal was achieved, and I have really been enjoying wearing the necklace!

Mini Bow Tie Necklace
Interweave/ F+W Media has graciously offered to do a GIVEAWAY of a digital copy of the book to one lucky reader of my blog! All you have to do is comment below with the best way to contact you i.e. email,or Ravelry username, and tell me what type of crochet lace technique is your favorite. I will choose a winner randomly next thursday morning. Good luck to all who enter!