Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Yarn Ads to Collect!

I am still decorating my studio, and I would like to have more pictures hung on the walls.  My friend just sent me a link to some retro images and I fell in love with the one above.  It inspired me to look out for more ads to hang beside my famous "Studio Mascot", the "Yarn Man".  It is such fun to collect things like that!  Someday, when I don't have any deadlines looming, I will go through all of my vintage knitting and crochet magazines to see if there are any more treasures I could frame.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A New Free Pattern: The Antoinette Ring

To celebrate the Mademoiselle Necklace being the most popular pattern on Berroco's website and earning over 100 hearts on Ravelry this week, I have created this ring pattern.  It is designed to complement the necklace.  It uses very little yarn, so it can be made from the yarn leftover from the necklace.  The link to download the pattern is below the pattern info.


Skill level:  Easy


A:  Liquorice # 1734, (1 1/2 yds)
B:  Fruit Cocktail # 1815, (1 yd)
Hook size:  (C) 2.75 mm
Notions:  Tapestry needle, pins

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yeah, #1!!!

A great way to start the day!  I just found out, that my necklace pattern was the most popular pattern on Berroco's website this past week.  Hurry up and finish your necklaces everyone, my next post will be a matching ring pattern!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mademoiselle Necklace for Berroco Yarn Company

Here is the Mademoiselle Necklace Pattern that I designed for this weeks Berroco Knitbits newsletter, using their Comfort Sock yarn.  I love using this yarn for jewelry, since it is a fine weight and soft.  It is an easy pattern with a striking result.  The yarn color I used for the "beads" was self striping, and I wanted the colors of the "beads" to either be blue or green, so I measured and cut sections out of the yarn where I liked the color gradation the best.  I made a magic ball out of the sections I didn't use, so I didn't waste a scrap of yarn!  I like using the self striping yarn as it looks like natural stone when crocheted.  Some of the beads are embroidered with a "lazy daisy" stitch, which is one of my absolute favorite embellishments.  The bow is tied and stitched on top of the closure, so you don't have to worry about tying the bow perfectly every time you wear it.

Just for fun, I crocheted it another colorway, (Comfort Sock "Dunedin" and "Pearl").   I would also love to crochet each "bead" in a different color.  I think that will be my next version!