Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Dozen Ways to Wear the Ruffles Scarf

When I revealed the Ruffles Scarf in my last post, I promised to show you a dozen different ways to wear it. Before shipping any completed project, I take a few photos. It is nice to have them, because often the magazine styles the project quite differently. This way I am able to show more ways the piece can be worn. I had so much fun playing with this scarf. It wasn't until the scarf was finished, that I actually knew how versatile it was! The following photos are 12 ways the scarf could be worn. I am sure there are more, but this is how many I came up with while waiting for DHL to com and pick it up! 

The look changes quite a bit, based on how many times it is wrapped, which direction and where you start wrapping, if you wrap it at all! Some versions have the narrow ruffle at the bottom, some at the top. It is the perfect length for wrapping without too much hanging down. It has a lovely drape that really allows the scarf to have a life of its own. If any of you dear readers make the scarf, I would love to see the ways you find to wear it!

These 2 versions would be great on top of a plain crew neck sweater. They would transform a fall sweater  into a winter one.

For the version on the left: I would love to see a large brooch put through the two holes at the points of the "collar" that would attach to the bottom band.

This pattern is now available for download from Interweave's online store for $5.50.


  1. This is beautiful shawl. I like it :)))
    Greetings from Poland :)

  2. I skimmed over this scarf when I saw it in the magazine, but these pictures to it MUCH better justice! I totally want to make this like yesterday!

  3. Thank you Linden! I am really glad I took some pictures before I shipped the scarf. I hope you make one:-)

  4. Finally made this scarf and wore it for the first time today! Loving it!

  5. Hi from Kansas. I have recently discovered a lot of old crochet books that are from the 50's maybe even older. There are also many books from 60's & 70's. They belonged to Great Aunts & a Grandma or two. In viewing your beautiful items & noting all the magazines that you are featured in thought you'd be a great one to ask. Is there a market for these. Would love to sell. kmclaughlin2@cox.net

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