Sunday, December 13, 2020

Foundation HDC vs. Chain & HDC

I am currently designing a new scarf pattern and am contemplating the best way to begin.  I am deciding weather to use Foundation Half Double Crochet, or Chain & Half Double Crochet. Foundation Half Double Crochet is widely popular, for obvious reasons: it combines two steps in one and you don't have to work into a fiddly chain. I did a poll on Instagram asking which method do people prefer, and the majority said Foundation Half Double Crochet. Although that helped me to make my decision about which method I should use in the pattern, I am still torn myself as to which method I like to use most. I don't think anyone really likes to count hundreds of chains or to work into the ridge on the underside of a long chain, but there are some times that I feel that chain and half double crochet are the way to go. Especially when I am working with finer yarns, because I find it more difficult to keep an even tension with Foundation Half Double Crochet. I also find it easiest to begin working into the back loop of the chain. My favorite time to use Foundation Half Double Crochet is with heavier weight yarns. 

The pattern I am working on uses a double knitting yarn, but I will go with the public opinion of Foundation Half Double Crochet, but possibly include instructions for both methods, so everyone will be happy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

In Search of the Best Large Size Crochet Hooks!


Lately, I have been needing some crochet hooks in larger sizes and I asked my followers on Instagram for their recommendations. The first recommendation was for Prym Ergonomic hooks. I began to research them online and was particularly intrigued by a review stating that these hooks helped to make stitches more even and uniform. That made them sound magical!

local yarn store in Kuwait that I frequent, sells a lot of Prym products, so I was hoping to find them here, but unfortunately, they don't stock them. I finally ordered them from Minerva Crafts in the UK. They were on sale at a good discount, so I thought why not try them! I was especially excited when I found out that these hooks had won the Reddot Design Awards in 2014, even more reason to try them! I see that they do make different color handles, but the website I bought them from only has them in this dark violet color. 

I just received them this week! My initial first impression was that the plastic is nice and smooth and the shape of the head of the hook looks like it will hold the yarn well, but I am thinking that it could be more pointed at the top of the head to more easily be inserted into stitches. I like the grip on the handle, but somehow I wish it extended a little higher up on the shaft as I hold my hooks closer to the head, where there is no rubber grip. My thought is that I will have to train myself to hold these hooks in a different way in order to be really comfortable using them. I just feel I have more control of my work when I hold the hook higher up. I will say that the ergonomic shape of the handle is good and it feels comfortable to maneuver, even in the larger sizes.

I purchased sizes 7.00mm, 9.00mm, 10.00mm, and 12.00mm. I plan to try crocheting with them more before my next order of hooks, which are the Tulip Etimo Grand hooks. I plan to do a comparison review after I have received and used them to let you know which I like the best. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Designing a Crochet Bun Cover!

My daughter is a figure skater and expressed an interest in having me crochet a bun cover for her to not only keep her hair in place as she moves across the ice, but also to be pretty. Being the accessory lover I am, I jumped on the idea! The key factor in making a bun cover in my opinion is the thread choice! If you use thread that is too thick, it will cover the hair too much and be too prominent, and too thin will be too delicate. I ended up using Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 thread. I was thrilled to have the perfect thread in my stash, as going out to shop for it during lockdown was impossible!  I began by focusing on the design of the center motif so that it would be large enough to cover the diameter of her bun. Once I had made the motif large enough, I began decreasing until it was small enough to fit snugly around the bun near the head without being too small to fit over the bun. Finally, I crocheted it to an elastic hair band. 

Because I always block everything, I had to find an innovative way to block it. I ended up cutting a piece out of a plastic bag and covering a yarn ball that was about the size of her bun. I sprayed the cover with water, covered the ball with plastic, and pinned the cover into shape over the ball.  When it was dry, I removed the pins and told her that she could glue crystals on it, but after trying out several crystal options, she decided to keep this one without crystals. I am planning a second one that will have crystals added! Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

New Gloria Headband Crochet Pattern!

This pattern was something I designed a while back, but I never went through with submitting it. Since I haven't had a haircut since January and probably won't see the inside of a salon before September, I went looking for the sample to keep my long hair back. I was so pleased with how comfortable and easy to wear it was. It made me feel the best about my hair that I have in months! I have literally worn it every day since I found it! All of this prompted me to go ahead and write up the pattern. The fact that I crocheted it in a metallic yarn makes me feel like I am dressing up, even when I am staying at home. Really refreshing, after months of wearing a "uniform" consisting of a t-shirt and yoga pants! 

This takes a fraction of a skein of yarn and can be crocheted in an afternoon. For the next 24 hours I am offering this pattern for free in my Ravelry Pattern Store. Download it now! If any of you make one, I would really love to see your finished bands on Ravelry in the projects section!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Raindrops Necklace Crochet Pattern Sale

Today I am featuring one of my most favorite necklace designs, it is a real conversation starter! Crochet a stunning fine jewelry piece worthy of your best occasion. The metallic yarn sets off the design and gives it a rich, opulent look.
It could also be a more casual statement piece, if you use a non-metallic yarn for the neckband, and a subtle variegated yarn for the raindrops that would emulate stones.
Today only, I am offering this pattern for 50% off, $1.49. To see more details and to download it, visit this link to my Ravelry Store.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Stone Necklace Trio Crochet Pattern Sale

Today, I thought it would be fun to feature not one pattern, but a collection of three patterns based on the same theme. The Stone Necklace Trio is a collection of three easy to wear, eye-catching necklace designs that are crocheted to look like natural stones. The organic shapes, shaded yarn, and filling gives the illusion of natural stones. You can choose to embellish them with embroidery, or let the crochet speak for itself. 
Today only, I am offering this pattern for 50% off, $2.47. Download it now via my Ravelry Store.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Julia Necklace Crochet Pattern Sale

Today's featured pattern in my July Summer Fun Crochet promotion is the Julia Necklace. It is the newest pattern in my pattern portfolio and it is great pattern to add a little flair to your summer!

A quick and fun to crochet necklace that includes effective details that are elegant and eye-catching. For the final finishing touch, crocheted beads are added to elevate the necklace to a unique piece of statement jewelry.
Today only, I am offering this pattern for 50% off, $1.49. To see more details and to download it, visit this link to my Ravelry Store

Friday, July 3, 2020

Monarch Necklace Crochet Pattern Sale!

Today's featured pattern is the Monarch Necklace. This is pattern includes thread crochet motifs, which really come to life when mounted on a fingering weight crochet base and joined with crocheted links. All of the elements come together to create a unique and elegant accessory. Repeat the links and blocks as many times as you like to make a custom length. 

Today only, I am offering this pattern for 50% off, $1.49. To see more details and to download it, visit this link to my Ravelry store.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Summer Crochet Fun Day 2!

The July crochet celebration continues! Today's featured pattern is the Venezia Necklace. Perfect necklace to crochet and wear in the summer. It can be crocheted in one color or for a totally different look, crochet each row in a different color, or for impact, make the tassel in a different color or multi-colored. 

Inspired by both macrame and ornate vintage jewelry, this necklace has a modern look, and can be customized by using different colors for the various elements of the necklace, or try going metallic for a more glitzy style. It is comprised of a combination of simple stitches that create its elegant shape.

Today only, I am offering this pattern for 50% off, $1.49. Download it now from my Ravelry Shop.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Celebrating Crochet in the Summer!

I decided to kick off the month of July featuring and discounting a different pattern every day from my Ravelry shop.

The first pattern I have selected is the Petals Collar. I originally designed this pattern for Inside Crochet magazine and it is now available in US crochet terms. This pattern has some whimsical elements and encourages you to celebrate color. The embroidered details finish it off in a unique way.  This collar turns a simple neckline into something exciting. It can be made for an adult or a child. You can also use finer yarn and a smaller hook to make a smaller scale collar.

Get this pattern today only for $1.49 in my Ravelry Shop.

Photo by Tailor Made Publishing
Photo By Tailor Made Publishing

Monday, May 4, 2020

30 Weaving Ideas Series Including Crochet!

I just finished up "30 Days of Weaving Ideas" for eWoodStory. I always love to mix techniques, and techniques #22 & 29 include crochet, and technique #11 can be done with a crochet hook as surface crochet! I demonstrated all of the techniques on one weaving to create a sampler to inspire future weavings and techniques. If you are interested you can see each of the 30 techniques and instructions, plus an additional bonus technique on my @ewoodstory Instagram account.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

30 Days of Weaving Ideas!

Now is the perfect time to get weaving, and beginning today, April 1st, I will kick off a month of posts. Each day in April I will post on my eWoodstory Instagram account about a different weaving technique. I plan to make a sampler including all of the 30 techniques. It will be great to refer to when I am in a weaving rut! Follow along and make a sampler too, if you wish. Get out your yarns and looms, or if you don't have one, make one out of cardboard!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Crochet Jewelry Pattern Collection Special Offer!


In honor of National Crochet Month and staying at home as much as possible, I have decided to offer a collection of 6 of my most popular crochet necklace patterns for just $5.99, the cost would be $13.92 if the patterns were purchased separately! This offer is valid until March 31st. To see and/or purchase the collection, here is the link: Enter: NATCROMO at checkout to receive the discounted price.

This collection of crochet necklaces includes my Raindrops Necklace, Monarch Necklace, Crawford Necklace, and Bella Necklace Trio. Experience the satisfaction of creating a small project every day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New Crochet Necklace Pattern Release: The Julia Necklace!

My love for designing jewelry patterns is alive with my latest pattern release, the Julia Necklace!

A modern mix of metallic and non-metallic yarns and crocheted beads add lots of interest to this elegant necklace. The pattern could also be used to crochet trim to embellish the neckline of a top. You can alter the length of the necklace easily by changing the number of repeats you crochet. It could also be more casual if you changed the metallic yarns to regular yarns.

To celebrate the release of this pattern, I am offering a 50% discount on it to the first 5 customers. To purchase the pattern, go to this link, and to get the discount enter: FIRST5

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Our Spinerations Handspun Yarn Now on Etsy!

As you may already know, my daughter Sara and I love spinning yarn, and we have turned our love of fiber ino a business! We have been on Instagram for a while, talking about our spinning adventures and have been selling yarn at the Sadu House museum gift shop in Kuwait. Our next adventure is branching out to sell our Spinerations handspun yarn on Etsy in our eWoodstory shop. We have our own unique way of blending fibers and spinning thick and thin yarn that is wonderful for giving texture and personality to weaving. We also like to incorporate recycled yarn and fabric scraps into our yarns whenever we can. We are excited to get our yarns into the world and hope it will be used in some fun projects!

Monday, February 3, 2020

New Larger Etimo Crochet Hooks!

I have been a real fan of Etimo crochet hooks since they first came out, but I have always wished that they came in larger sizes. I do have a rare 10.5mm that I found on eBay, and I was hoping that one day they would make even larger hooks! I just found out that they are now making 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm hooks in the Etimo Grand line. I decided to order the 12mm to try. It is plastic, so I am not sure I will like it as well as the metal hooks, but I am hoping that it will be just as comfortable to hold. As soon as I get the chance to try it out, I will report back to you with my review. Fingers crossed, I will like them and get to order the 10 and 15mm sizes! If any of you have tried these hooks already, I would love to hear what you think of them!