Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mixing Fibers In Freeform Crochet

I have the most fun when I search for yarns to do freeform crochet. I go on a treasure hunt to my favorite place in Kuwait, where there are rows and rows of shops in one area, selling fabric and trims from all over the world. I like to search for fine cording and unusual embroidery threads to use to embellish my yarn scrumbles. I like how the different fiber textures and levels of sheen add interest to the piece. 

Pictured here, is a wristlet I made for a jewelry exchange. I made many scrumbles, embellished them, and played with the arrangement until I had a piece I was happy with. Then I added a little more embroidery here and there to balance everything.

You only need a few yards of an interesting fiber, cord, or trim to really make an impact and make your freeform crochet come to life!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mark Your Calendars For the Crochet Designers Blog Tour!

That special time of year is approaching...National Crochet Month! This year Crochetville has organized a blog tour, including stops at 44 different blogs of crochet designers. All of the designers are either associate professional or professional members of the Crochet Guild of America. Every day in the month of March, 1 or 2 bloggers will be hosting the tour. I am very excited to be scheduled on the first day of the tour alongside the talented, Jenny King.

Each designer has been asked to prepare a special blog post for their assigned day, and I think you will find some nice surprises on the tour, such as: free patterns, crochet technique tutorials, and possibly giveaways!

For all of the details about the blog tour and for a schedule of all of the designers that are participating, see Crochetville's original post.

I hope this will be the best National Crochet Month yet!  Please join in the fun, and visit all the blogs on the tour!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Crochet Pattern, Many Looks

I try to find multiple uses for every pattern I design. As I am making the sample, I brainstorm different ways the design could be featured or worn. The alterations to the pattern can be a simple as changing  the yarn weight or adding a small element, such as a loop and bobble to act as a closure for a necklace. I was so pleased that Interweave allowed me to use 3 different yarn weights for the Tiara Trim  pattern samples. My favorite turned out to be the chunky weight yarn. I like the way the bobbles become more prominent in a chunky yarn, and the trim pattern can be transformed into an elegant scarf or belt. I feel that the Tiara Trim scarf is a cousin to the Beseme scarf that I designed for Berroco yarn company. So those who enjoyed making a Beseme scarf, might like this one too!

Changing from yarn to metallic cord, makes a very regal crown for a little girl. It is a great finishing touch to a girl's princess dress, and is a quick project to make.

When the trim is crocheted in a finer yarn or thread, it makes a nice collar or necklace. Something to add interest to a simple top or dress.

The magazine featured the trim, edging a fabric table mat and as an embellishment to a pillow.  These are just a few of the uses for the pattern, and I am still brainstorming more. I would love to hear what would you use it on! See this previous blog post with more details about the uses for this pattern

Interweave is now offering this pattern as a download for $4.00.