Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mixing Fibers In Freeform Crochet

I have the most fun when I search for yarns to do freeform crochet. I go on a treasure hunt to my favorite place in Kuwait, where there are rows and rows of shops in one area, selling fabric and trims from all over the world. I like to search for fine cording and unusual embroidery threads to use to embellish my yarn scrumbles. I like how the different fiber textures and levels of sheen add interest to the piece. 

Pictured here, is a wristlet I made for a jewelry exchange. I made many scrumbles, embellished them, and played with the arrangement until I had a piece I was happy with. Then I added a little more embroidery here and there to balance everything.

You only need a few yards of an interesting fiber, cord, or trim to really make an impact and make your freeform crochet come to life!


  1. Hi Shelby - I love your take on freeform crochet! I have several of your patterns (even if I didn't know it!) I love your tiara design, and I've gotten so many compliments on the scarf I made with it.

    As for freeform, I'm curious and want to try my hand at it, but don't have any idea where to start? Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Joann

  2. Hi Joann, thank you for your nice comments! The key to freeform is to relax and know that nothing is a mistake. A good exercise to begin doing freeform is to write down different stitch names on little slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Take a pair of dice and roll them, then draw a slip of paper from the bowl. Write down the combination on a piece of paper, and keep rolling the dice and drawing the stitch names, about 20 times. This will be your "pattern". Use a multi-colored yarn with a fairly long color repeat. Every time the color changes, crochet the next step in your pattern. You may place the stitches anywhere you want as you work. You will be surprised at the interesting piece that evolves. Probably before you reach the 20th step, you will have your own ideas about what stitch you would like to do next!

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