Wednesday, October 7, 2020

In Search of the Best Large Size Crochet Hooks!


Lately, I have been needing some crochet hooks in larger sizes and I asked my followers on Instagram for their recommendations. The first recommendation was for Prym Ergonomic hooks. I began to research them online and was particularly intrigued by a review stating that these hooks helped to make stitches more even and uniform. That made them sound magical!

local yarn store in Kuwait that I frequent, sells a lot of Prym products, so I was hoping to find them here, but unfortunately, they don't stock them. I finally ordered them from Minerva Crafts in the UK. They were on sale at a good discount, so I thought why not try them! I was especially excited when I found out that these hooks had won the Reddot Design Awards in 2014, even more reason to try them! I see that they do make different color handles, but the website I bought them from only has them in this dark violet color. 

I just received them this week! My initial first impression was that the plastic is nice and smooth and the shape of the head of the hook looks like it will hold the yarn well, but I am thinking that it could be more pointed at the top of the head to more easily be inserted into stitches. I like the grip on the handle, but somehow I wish it extended a little higher up on the shaft as I hold my hooks closer to the head, where there is no rubber grip. My thought is that I will have to train myself to hold these hooks in a different way in order to be really comfortable using them. I just feel I have more control of my work when I hold the hook higher up. I will say that the ergonomic shape of the handle is good and it feels comfortable to maneuver, even in the larger sizes.

I purchased sizes 7.00mm, 9.00mm, 10.00mm, and 12.00mm. I plan to try crocheting with them more before my next order of hooks, which are the Tulip Etimo Grand hooks. I plan to do a comparison review after I have received and used them to let you know which I like the best. Stay tuned!