Friday, May 3, 2019

The Results of the Crochet Remnant Weaving Experiment!

In organizing my studio, I came across some crocheted pieces that never became anything. Looking at them took me back to the excitement I had when I created them. I love the pieces and thought they would be interesting to try weaving on one of our mini looms! I really enjoyed the challenge of weaving each piece in and making design decisions along the way. I ended up doing a little embroidery embellishment on top of the ridges as well. As many of my weavings do, it took on a floral theme with the use of some of our handspun Spinerations yarn as inspiration. I love how the ridges in the crochet interact with the warp strings. I plan to crochet more ridged pieces in the near future to create more weavings similar to this. I want to experiment with various piece sizes for different effects. Expect to see more development of this technique!

Crochet Remnants Ready to Weave In!