Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Remnants Challenge Part 2!

To continue with the recycling theme I began in my last post, I have been challenging myself to create new things using leftover scraps from previously completed projects.

Recently I was working on a woven project. I wove several ribbons that I wanted to weave into a pillow top. I wove them together, then stitched them with the sewing machine. I couldn't stop myself from stitching on the top, and discovered that I really liked the effect and stiffness of the new stitched fabric!

When I had finished stitching around the square, I cut off all of the excess ribbon ends. I had a wonderful pile of mini weavings that inspired me to make this pendant using the ends plus some yarn and felt scraps I have. Did you spot the crocheted chains?

This was such a satisfying project, especially since it came out of a successful technique experiment.

If you are on Instagram and you would like to participate in the challenge, post projects made with your remnants/ scraps with the hashtag #remnantschallenge.