Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crocheting with Dark Thread

I wear black practically every single day, but I didn't realize until a few days ago that I rarely crochet with black or dark thread. It wasn't because I was a afraid of not being able to see the stitches either. I guess I just gravitate towards earth tones for crocheting.

This week I decided that I NEED a black version of the Bow Tie Necklace I designed for Robyn Chachula's new book, Vintage Modern Crochet. Since I wear so much black, I thought it is something that I would really wear a lot. I got out my DMC Pearl Cotton 8 and a 1.25 mm hook, and began to crochet at night, in a half lit room because I was trying to get my daughter into bed time mode. Big mistake! Even though I am comfortable with the pattern, "crocheting into the ridges on the underside of the chain" seemed like navigating a dark rocky road on foot! I decided to wait until my daughter went to sleep so I could crochet in a lighter room. That helped, but it still wasn't light enough to see the stitches! Next I got out a portable light and crocheted very close to it. That helped a little more. I was wearing black pants, and I noticed that they were not helping me to see the stitches. I found a white cloth to put on my lap to give a contrasting background which brightened the effect of the light. I was able to get the first row done with these new conditions, but was too tired to continue to the second row.  In the morning I did the same thing, but found crocheting even easier with the morning light added into the mix. Black thread and tiny hooks still aren't my favorite combination, but at least I completed the project I set out to crochet! I am in search of black chain to finish it off. I can't wait to be able to wear it!

I will be showing you how it turned out on June 2nd, when I post about a giveaway I am doing of a digital copy of Vintage Modern Crochet. Stay tuned!

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