Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Purses to match

My daughter is a purse collector, so everytime she gets a new dress I like to make her a matching purse.  I pick out an element of the fabric print and use that as my inspiration.  I usually use a combination of crochet and embroidery.  For the green floral basket purse, I used a large tapestry needle to do a buttonhole stitch around the top edge, so I would have a base to crochet into.  I traced some of the flowers from the dress and cut them out of felt and added embroidery and sequin details and stitched them with invisible thread to the basket.  I also stitched one of the felt flowers to a clip for her hair.

The black purse is the newest addition to her collection.  It is entirely crocheted with embroidered accents to emulate the fabric print. 

These are fun small projects that make the outfit special and I love that she really appreciates it when I make her something.

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