Saturday, November 14, 2009

Studio Sneek Peek

The Studio is coming together and it is so exciting!  I want to spend all my time there.  I was originally going to carpet the floor, but I fell in love with this parquet flooring.  I chose it because it looks modern and with all the different colors, it goes with any furniture I put on it.  I have furniture pieces that I want to use from my life before marriage.  Some of it is cherry, some pine and some walnut.  It all works when placed on this flooring!  Now, I just need to research how to clean it, to give it a bit of polish.   I am deciding where to hang my pictures and posters now. The "yarn man" will have a home very soon!


  1. it looks great , hope you'll enjoy your time in the studio . also the design of this page is realy chic and sweet . :))

  2. The flooring also has the advantage of only needing a dustpan and brush to sweep up those yarn clippings. - and it must be cooler than carpet in Kuwait.