Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crochet Everywhere!

Wherever I look these days, crochet appears!  Could it be because it is National Crochet Month?... Or just because it is such a beautiful craft and inspiration!  The photo above is my daughter's computer mouse pad. We bought it at my favorite Japanese 600 fils store, Daiso.   It wasn't until we got it home that I noticed the crochet motif design printed on it.  There are more than 90,000 items in that store, so everything is a bit of a blur until you get it home!  My next prediction is:  crochet motif wallpaper.  If I ever find it, I think I must have some on a wall in my studio!


  1. I thought Daiso was a 500 fils store! Has it been inflated? Or is my memory incorrect?
    I've just seen a woman on American Idol with crochet earrings and thought "I must tell Shelby."

  2. Yes, Daiso has raised their prices, but I am still devoted!

    I heard about those earrings, but haven't seen a photo:)