Monday, December 6, 2010

Mini Masterpiece Rings- a Mixed Media Crochet Experiment!

As I have mentioned before, I love to go to antique shops when I visit America, and it is always more fun when you are on a hunt for something.  On one of my recent trips, I was looking for damaged antique plates that I could break up to make jewelry.  We went to a cute little shop on the Oregon coast, and I found the most beautiful hand painted plate with a floral design.  Now I wish I had taken a photo of the plate before I broke it up, so I could show you!  Anyway, the store owner was first surprised that I was happy that it was damaged, and then horrified that I was going to break it up into pieces!  She almost didn't want to sell it to me.  Thankfully, she was more interested in my $10 than the plate!

It did take a little while for me to sum up the courage to break up the plate, especially since the shop owner was upset about it, but once I had all my yarns and beads assembled, the prospect of making the plate into a collection of rings was very appealing.  So I went ahead and put the plate in a zip lock bag, and broke the plate into pieces with my hammer.  It was fun sifting through them to choose the best pieces.  This was a perfect plate to use as the entire surface was painted, so there was no waste.  

They are true multimedia pieces.  I crocheted "cases" for the broken china pieces and then I embellished them with  embroidery, beads, sequins, French felt appliques and velvet flowers.   I also used novelty yarn bits I had, to crochet small flowers and leaves.  I wanted to create frames to highlight the beautiful painting and make each one into its own picture.

I sold some of them, and have given some as gifts.  I also saved a few, as I love to wear a simple outfit with a unique accessory.  Rings are great for any occasion!

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