Monday, January 24, 2011

A Mixed Media Crochet Purse

This is a mixed media purse that I made for a purse exchange with members of  the International Freeform Guild.  I wanted to include fabric and embroidery in this piece.  It all began with the fabric; it was originally a Calvin Klein bedsheet that I had bought to make a shower curtain.  The sheet was longer than I needed for the curtain, so I had a little extra to play with!  

First I cut the fabric into the purse shape, and that formed the background of the purse.  Then, I crocheted various flowers and vines and experimented with the placement.  Once I got that right, I cut out some felt leaves and embellished the flowers and leaves with embroidery.  What is interesting about this purse, are the differences in texture.  The cotton fabric is very smooth, the silk yarn is quite shiny, the wool is matte, and the nylon net and embroidery thread fall somewhere in between those textures.  There are many small details on this purse, for example, the handle is a slip stitch cord with a row of silk chain stitches on top.  One of my favorite details, is the couching on the sides of the purse.  The way it encases the fabric, brings all of the multimedia elements together.  I really enjoyed making this purse and I would like to create more projects with fabric as a base.

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