Friday, February 25, 2011

Gorgeous Crochet From Turkey!

A whimsical French crochet bracelet from my favorite shop in London, VV Rouleaux, sparked my interest in crochet and led me to become a designer.  I was reminded of this spark last night, when my sister-in-law presented me with this beautiful necklace that she bought from a little shop in the Grand Bazar in Istanbul.  I love the way it was wrapped.  So simple, yet so effective!  It is 4 meters of delicate crochet work done in a very fine silky thread, and reminds me of Turkish Oya scarf edgings.  The shop owner told her that they are crocheted by Turkish housewives (who must have very good eyes)!  My sister-in-law said she saw women wearing them in various ways as belts and necklaces.  I am still experimenting how to wear it and how to keep it from getting tangled!  I hope I have the chance to visit the shop in person one day, it looks like a treasure trove!


  1. Very beautiful! And how nice to be reminded of great crochet memories.

  2. Gorgeous! My niece's husband is stationed in Turkey and she was telling me about some Turkish ladies that crochet intricate parts on shawls, handkerchiefs and other items. She was amazed when she watched them work their hands with the small threads at how detailed and perfect each piece was.

  3. They are simply lovely!I have just returned from a short stay in Istanbul and bought 2 because I couldn't decide which one to get! I got them from a small boutique run by a foreign lady and I really wish I had bought directly from the ladies doing them because I am not too sure they are being paid what they deserve!