Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cirque Du Crochet Bean Bag Patterns!

I am thrilled to be able to reveal a really fun set of new patterns, that are offered as a free download in the Spring Issue of Tangled magazine!  There is just something about a bean bag, that makes it more fun than a ball to toss around.  When making the prototypes for these bags, I had a few lying around and no one seemed to be able to walk past without playing with one of them!  They are great for kids because they can't roll away, and are relatively harmless to play with inside the house.  It is a nice portable project to work on when you are on the go, since you make them one circle at a time.  Thanks to Berroco yarn company, who generously offered yarn support for this project, I was able to use their lovely Comfort DK yarn.  This was the perfect yarn because it is nice and soft, and comes in great circus-like colors!

I have always been inspired by the circus!  I found the wallpaper border pictured below, at a Laura Ashley store about 16 years ago.  I loved it so much that I bought a few rolls, thinking that I would hopefully be able to use it in my child's room one day.

Inspirational Wallpaper

At that time, I was working for an embroidery company as a designer/ digitizer.  There was an annual design contest sponsored by an embroidery magazine, and I got the idea to make a circus themed dress, using the wallpaper as my inspiration.  I ended up winning first prize in the childrenswear category!

Embroidered Circus Dress

Close-up of Pocket Embroidery
Close-up of Pocket Embroidery

Close-up of Embroidery at Hemline

I am happy to report that my daughter now has the wallpaper in her circus themed room, and is just about the right size to fit into the dress!

With all this circus inspiration around me, I just knew that these bean bags needed to be modeled after the circus balls in the wallpaper!  My next project will be to get my dear woodworking husband to make a toss game, something like the one pictured below.  For now, my daughter is happy tossing her bean bags into various boxes and baskets we have around the house . I also think they would make a fun gift.  I have dreams of making a set for each of the children in my daughter's kindergarten class, I just need a few more hours in the day!

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