Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kyoto Coat Inside Out!

I hadn't seen the Kyoto Coat since I sent it off to the Crochet Guild of America's design competition, last year. When I got the chance to see it again, I was reminded of some of the small details that made the coat extra special.  When I originally posted about the coat, I didn't have it with me in Kuwait to take photos of, so I used the photos I had.  I thought it might be interesting to do a blog post about the details you may have never seen.  The photo above shows how it looks inside the jacket and how it fastens.  I always love the chance to include a bow!

This next photo shows the trim on the inside of the neck edge, which is a slip stitch cord stitched to the coat with a running stitch in brown yarn.  The inside neck detail echos the woven trim at the ends of the sleeves.

Close up of the ruffle detail, which was crocheted with one strand of yarn separated from a multi-stranded variegated chunky yarn, and inserted through the spaces in the skirt.

This photo shows the inside of the coat, so you can see the skirt and back of the patchwork belt.  Please have a look at my Paris Belt Tutorial if you are interested in making a belt inspired by the Kyoto Coat.

I have prepared one small entry for this year's competition, and I am hoping to create something else as well.  Whether or not I am able to, will depend on how much free time I have in the next few weeks, and how long it takes me to recover from jet lag!

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