Monday, October 3, 2011

Make a Child's Version of the Echelon Hat!

We are still experiencing summer temperatures above 100 degrees fahrenheit here in Kuwait, but with the help of air conditioning, we are able to forget how hot it really is!  My daughter loves hats, and the other day, she found the original sample of the Echelon Hat (a free pattern) that I designed for Berroco yarn company.  She asked if she could have it, and I told her it was too big.  She pleaded, and I gave in.  She wore that hat for 3 days straight and really wanted to sleep in it, but I didn't let her.  We came to a compromise, and she was allowed to keep it in her bed with her flashlight in it, so she could "make crochet on the ceiling" in the dark.

I had a flash of inspiration and some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in my stash.  The original sample I submitted was crocheted in the regular Ultra Alpaca.  I decided that I would crochet the pattern as written but go down a hook size.  To my delight, it made a hat that perfectly fit my 5 year old who has a 19" (48cm) head circumference.  We decided to add in some color changes as well, to make it a little more fun.  If you don't mind weaving in ends, you could really make this a colorful hat.  My daughter has already placed an order for a rainbow version!

So you can compare, here are the differences in the two hats:

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS OF ADULT HAT=  approximately 20 1/2" (52cm) around x 8 3/4" (22cm) high.

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS OF CHILD'S HAT= approximately 18" (46cm) around x 7"(18cm)  high.

HOOK SIZES USED IN ADULT HAT= (F/5) 3.75mm , and (E/4) 3.50mm

HOOK SIZES USED IN CHILDS HAT= (E/4) 3.50mm, and (D/3) 3.25mm

So, all you need to do to make the child's hat, is change the yarn to the sport weight Ultra Alpaca Light, and go down a hook size from what is listed in the pattern.  Make it one color, or enjoy deciding where to place color changes.  I would like to try making one with the corners of the granny squares a different color next time.  It could become a great stash busting hat for odds and ends of yarn colors!


  1. Oh my gosh - I love the image of making crochet on the ceiling with a flashlight!!

  2. I thought it was a neat idea as well, how could I say no to that!

  3. Hi Shelby, I have two granddaughters who are going to be told to try to crochet on the ceiling because your daughter came up with this great, creative idea! Thank you for sharing it!