Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia Review!

I believe this could be the first copy of Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia in Kuwait, and after taking the above photo at the landmark, Kuwait Towers, I just might have piqued the interest of passers by to check out the book!

I ordered it this book when it first came out in October and wanted to review it then, but I just now received it in a box of goodies my mother sent from America.  

Whenever I hear of a new stitch dictionary, I feel the need to add it to my collection.  I have been buying Japanese and Russian dictionaries, so it was exciting to acquire a comprehensive dictionary in English.  I had heard the author, Robyn Chachula, talk about the book on the Yarn Thing Podcast, and I was really intrigued that it included many different techniques and types of crochet.  It is like an expanded version of a traditional dictionary, and that is why it is called an encyclopedia!

Like the Japanese and Russian dictionaries, this book has a stitch diagram for each stitch in the book. In addition there are written instructions for each pattern. This is very helpful, because if you have trouble with one of them, you have another way to clarify any confusion.

Now that I have had the chance to look through the book, I want to show you some of the stitch patterns and motifs that I especially liked in each chapter:

Chapter 1:  Simple Stitch Patterns

Forked Half Double Crochet
Chapter 2:  Textured Stitch Patterns
Popping Circle Stitch

Chapter 3: Lace Stitch Patterns
Trefoil Link

Chapter 4:  Unique Lace Stitch Patterns

Anesha Lace

Chapter 5:  Colorwork Stitch Patterns

Carnation Walllpaper

Chapter 6:  Tunisian Stitch Patterns

Chapter 7:  Square and Hexagonal Granny Squares

Carnation Lace Motif

Chapter 8:  Flower, Snowflake, and Joining Motifs

Zimni Snowflake

Chapter 9:  Edgings

Bubble Edging

Many of the stitches and motifs in this book are unique, and the author gives a new twist to classics.  There are many "tips" in the book regarding stitches and techniques that I am finding very helpful.

I also really like that there are some stitch patterns that include one of my favorite techniques; surface crochet, as well as some lovely Brussels lace and cable patterns.  Examples of these are pictured below.



Olivia Cable

All in all, this is an interesting book that will ignite your creativity, and show you new techniques for use in crochet design.


  1. I love Popping Circle Stitch and Olivia Cable. Also surface crochet is on my next projects list. Great book!

  2. Linda, there are a lot of textured stitches in this book. I think there are endless possibilities with surface crochet! Thank you for your comment:-)

  3. I agree! I just received my copy a few days ago and was so impressed when I started looking through it. I can't wait to try out the various Tunisian stitches, and I'm so excited about all the diagram symbols that are in the back. I feel like I can tackle more Japanese diagram patterns now! LOL!

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