Monday, January 16, 2012

An Interesting New Place to Share Your Craft: Hobzy!

Thanks to Kathryn Vercillo and her informative Crochet Concupiscience blog, I recently found out about a new social networking website for crafters, called "Hobzy".  I was impressed by the way the templates showcase members photos.  I think that is what makes Hobzy special.  Initially, I decided to try making a collection of some of my crochet jewelry pieces.  I had so much fun with the layout, that I divided my crochet accessories into categories and made four more collections!  I already have a portfolio of work on Ravelry, but it is nice to have things divided into collections and presented so beautifully. Here is a link to the collections I created.
Hobzy went live last October, and is a free to use website that gives you 250 MB of online space to display items that you have created. Additional space is available for a monthly fee. Their mission is to "provide a stage to showcase your handywork to a global audience". 
Sign up for the site takes only a few seconds, then you are given the opportunity to create a "collection". This is basically a dedicated page for your hobby. Each collection gets a unique theme and URL. You then upload pictures to your collection. You may share the URL with people outside the Hobzy community, so that they can view your work.  Hobzy users can become "watchers" of your work, favorite your images, and leave comments on them.

So, if you have a little free time, try making a collection of your work.  I am betting that you will want to make more than one!


  1. So glad I was able to help you find a new site to share your great stuff on! I especially love your cowls and scarves collection.

  2. Your things are gorgeous - love the cowls and the bag collections. Michalene (curlyhairmich on twitter!)

  3. Awesome. Don't you just love @crochetblogger? She is an encyclopedia of great information. I'll have to check Hobyz out. I found another great place for crafting social - the hive or It's for all crafters not just crochet or knitting.

  4. Thanks for the tip Sara, I will check it out!