Monday, November 19, 2012

Hairpin Lace- a Fashionable Crochet Trend!

This past weekend, my family decided to pack up and take a road trip to Al Khobar, in Saudi Arabia. It was quite an adventure, and an interesting weekend getaway. One that we will never forget! It was my first time visiting Saudi, and searching for crochet was high on my to do list. The first day I didn't find any crochet, and I was getting a little discouraged. Fortunately, we struck gold the next day at the Mall of Dharan. Interestingly, all of the stunning crochet I found was hairpin lace! I would definitely say it is a fashion trend at the moment, and well worth trying a hand at. I need to get out my Jenkins hairpin lace loom again, and really try getting creative with it. I need an extra day added to the week, just for practicing new crochet techniques!


  1. How interesting that hairpin lace would be included in all of these fashions!

  2. Thank you for your comment Marie, I thought so too!

  3. It's nice to see more crochet in Saudi. I do come across quite a bit here in Jeddah, and get excited every time!

    1. Thank you Fruitful Fusion, I love your blog!

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