Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hobnail Milk-Glass Crochet Trend of the 1950's

Crochet in the 1950's was subject to various trends, and home decor projects were very popular. I recently came across this fun issue of Smart Crochet magazine, featuring hobnail milk-glass crochet.

Hobnail glass was invented by the Fenton Art Glass company in 1939 and was originally produced in translucent colors. In the 1950's, it was produced in solid white, referred to as "milk-glass". I have fond memories of staying in my grandparent's guest room with a hobnail glass lamp. It definitely has an unmistakable charm.

The hobnail trend caught on, and a special plastic finishing paint was even produced to keep the pieces rigid and soil resistant. The pieces were made in Lily "Double Quick" mercerized cotton. The same cotton used to create Wrought Iron Crochet.

In the magazine article, they write:"Beautiful milk-glass in hobnail and fretted designs have been interpreted in this new medium, to give you bowls, candlesticks, candy or fruit dishes of a lacy delicacy and unbreakable beauty you never imagined".

Lovely bobbles can be made in crochet, and crochet lends itself very well to 3-dimensional items, so it seems that hobnail milk-glass crochet was somehow meant to be.

Lamp with a Hobnail Milk-Glass Crochet Base

Authentic Milk-Glass
I was thinking about what might be a modern day equivalent of Hobnail Milk-Glass, one that would be successful in crochet, and I thought that these beautiful Nambe pieces might fit the bill. They are luxury items that would be interesting to emulate in crochet...