Friday, October 11, 2013

Inspiration for Yarn Storage

Today is I love yarn day, and it has me thinking that I need to show my yarn more respect. Not that my Ikea storage boxes aren't working, but I think I need to decorate my studio with the same energy I put into my crochet designs. I was so inspired by Raising Up Rubies studio. She really demonstrates what I am talking about, and everything she puts in her studio has personality. I have a studio, but for some reason, I usually work at the dining room table! I think if I had a studio as amazing as Raising Up Rubies, I might never leave it! 

I want everything in my studio to be something I love. Antique treasures I have found, or  clever uses for things I already have. I have decided the first thing I want to collect are vintage candy/ cookie jars to store yarn in. They would be especially great for my collection of yarns for freeform crochet. I think they look wonderful sorted by color like this:

Dottie Angel repurposed a pair of clogs to use as a needle holder. I love the idea of making a souvenir into something useful!

This old library card catalog was converted into a sewing and yarn storage unit by bitsandbobbins. So charming!

Now I have a good excuse to go antique shopping again. I feel truly inspired today!


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