Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Make a Necklace with the Tinker's ToolBelt Pattern

Sometimes designs that are submitted to publications are accepted with modifications. The Tinker's ToolBelt was originally submitted as a necklace, and the editor decided that it would fit into their publication as a belt to go along with their Steampunk theme. Fortunately, it didn't require any changes to the pattern, it just needed more motifs to make it longer. That shows how versatile this design is! Fewer motifs tied together make an eye-catching statement necklace, and 2 motifs can make a wristlet. To make jewelry, you will need to use a little finer thread than what was used in the magazine. The belt motifs measure 3" in diameter, and the necklace motifs measure 2 1/4". I didn't change the pattern, only the thread. For the necklace I used DMC Petra No.5 and I went down a hook size to B/1 (2.25mm).

If you prefer fewer motifs, you can make the two ties on each side longer, join them together at the ends, and include a bobble on one side and a chain loop on the other for fastening. 

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