Monday, December 30, 2013

Crochet Coats for our Tortoises!

Winter is here in Kuwait, and tortoises are looking for warmth! My daughter has been asking me to crochet coats for her pet tortoises "Shelly" and "Looey", so I decided to raid my bag of samples and scrumbles. I was lucky to find some pieces just their size. The large flower on Shelly was a sample I made when designing the Pillow Corsage pattern for Crochet Me magazine, and the mohair roses on Looey, were leftover from a clowns hat I made for my friend's daughter. I love finding a new purpose for leftover crochet pieces. I am not sure if any other tortoises live in our area, but I think they must be the fanciest in our neighborhood!


  1. Oh! They look gorgeous! And I was not aware that you all had added a second tortoise to the family :) Welcome Looe. What a lucky tortoise you are. Happy New Year my sweet friends

  2. Happy New Year Traci! Thank you, yes Looey is our new baby:-)