Friday, June 20, 2014

The Book That Inspired Me to Crochet

Some people have asked me how I got started crocheting. My dear grandmother Evie, started teaching me when I was about 11. I used to crochet with her a little every summer when I would visit her, but not much when I got back home. I knitted more because my grandmother Joan, who was a  knitter, lived very close to me. Evie gave me a good foundation in crochet, and little did I know, one day I would have a crochet career!

When I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, I happened to pick up a copy of The Crochet Workbook by the legendary Sylvia Cosh and James Walters. Their creative approach to the craft changed my whole perspective of crochet and what you could do with it. I had never really been one to follow a pattern, so their freeform method of creating an interesting textured fabric was really exciting to me! I went through the book and taught myself various stitches that I used to make my first scrumbles.

This book introduced me to freeform crochet, but it isn't just for freeform crocheters. The ideas and techniques in this book could be used to strengthen the skills and inspire any crocheter! An amazing book that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend for your crochet library!

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  1. A great classic crochet book. I love your association with it.