Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vote for the Sunny Day Skirt!

I had some exciting news this morning! My Sunny Day skirt from Crocheting Clothes Kids Love, has been nominated for a Flamie in the Skirts category! The voting is now open on the Crochet Awards Website. Go and vote now for all of your favorites in each of the apparel categories!

There is just something about wearing the color yellow that makes you feel cheerful and optimistic.  I designed this skirt with that feeling in mind. When I ordered the yarn for the skirt, I wasn't sure what it would look like. It was one of those projects that really started with the yarn and then developed from there. 

The next thing I decided on was the shape. I loved the idea of an a-line wrap skirt. Easy to wear and forgiving if you are in between sizes. I love lacy crocheted skirts, but often the problem with many lacy skirts is that you need to wear something underneath, and it can be difficult to find a suitable undergarment. This skirt was designed to have the lacy side panel in front, but the full front panel is not see through. So you get the best of both worlds, a somewhat lacy skirt that can be worn on its own.

By making the front in 2 colors, it created the perfect canvas for crocheted appliqués. It was a little nod to the work I used do as an embroidery designer. You could even take it a step further and use the pale yellow to make more flowers and dots to be stitched to the darker yellow part of the skirt, or make the flowers and dots in all different colors.

This skirt has many interesting small details such as the decorative edging on the top edge of the skirt, the belt loops at the back to keep the tie in place, and the filet mesh edging, complete with surface crochet detail, that carries the look of the side front panel all the way around the skirt. The icing on the cake is the embroidery embellishment on the buttons and dot appliqués. If Appliqués aren't for you, I think the full front panel done in multi-colored stripes would look wonderful as well.

It is fun to have a special occasion to tell you a little more about the Sunny Day Skirt, one of my favorite patterns from the book!

Sunny Day Skirt as seen in Crocheting Clothes Kids Love
Front View
Close-up to show button and bow 
Close-up to show appliqué details
Close-up to show belt loop and decorative top edging
Close up to show surface crochet detail on the bottom edging
Back View

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