Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting More Out of Your Crochet and Knitting!

Recently we bought a new laser printer, and I have rediscovered the fun of taking photos of my work and printing them out. I have used the printouts for wrapping paper and cards, and now I am using them to help me package new stitchable pendants for eWoodStory. There are so many possibilities for this! I also see some decoupage projects in my future...

Below are the projects I took photos of. I enlarged sections of them,  and then copied the sections to fill an entire page. 

(Printouts cut out and glued on wood for pendant packaging)


  1. what is "pendant packaging"?

  2. Hi Anonymous, I am packaging new wooden pendants to stitch for my Etsy shop. These are pendants that you can fill with any craft, so I took the centers that had been cut out when making the pendants, and glued photos of knit and crochet work to them. I will place these pieces back in the middle of the pendants when I package them, so people will get an idea of what they might look like filled in.