Monday, August 17, 2015

The Network Purse for Crochetscene!

The second annual issue of Crochetscene, a special publication by Interweave, is now out! Pictured above is the Network Purse that I designed for this issue.

This purse design actually actually came about in an interesting way. My interest had been sparked in filet crochet, and I had been working up swatches that led me to purchasing special software for charting filet crochet. I set out to design a shawl with a floral design, and I liked the look of just one motif on its own, so I changed my mind and began to design a kerchief. Then I decided I wanted to drop the floral motif and make something that was more of a modern interpretation of filet crochet. That is when I designed the center panel for this purse! I was going to include even more filet crochet into the design, but after experimenting, I felt that it looks more modern with just a hint of filet. Then I set to work designing the shape of the purse, choosing a stitch pattern, and deciding how to attach the straps and fasten the purse. I made a paper pattern as a mock up, so I could make sure the size and shape were right. It happens to fit an iPad Mini very nicely.

I purchased a large button with a shank and covered it with crochet to create a closure that complemented the purse. Crocheting the straps with a smaller hook, and adding surface crochet makes the straps stronger and stretch resistant.

I really enjoyed designing this purse, and I see more purse designing in my future! Please go and check out all of the designs in this inspiring magazine issue!

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