Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Layering Crochet, a Project in Progress!

I am in the midst of creating a special panel for the Weaving Stories project I am managing. The piece is inspired by Islamic motifs, and will be woven into a 12 meter long panoramic wall.

I wanted to achieve a window effect, so I crocheted the motifs, and was planning to stitch them onto the panel that I knitted in variegated yarn. I was hoping the colors would show through the openings in the motif, but the yarn colors were too subtle to show through. I decided to crochet a disc to go underneath, in the same colors that appear in the variegated yarn, for a bolder effect. I then attached it to the motif by crocheting them together. The motifs are now drying on the blocking board, and when they are dry, I will stitch these completed and joined motifs onto the knitted background. I am excited to see the full layered effect, and how it will look woven into our installation!