Thursday, April 19, 2018

Combining Surface Crochet and Weaving!

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate crochet into my projects, and surface crochet is one of my favorite techniques. You can literally insert the hook anywhere in your work and take your yarn for a walk!

I work in a freeform style, which is why tapestry weaving really appeals to me. I began this piece by weaving a random design in chunky yarn, then I went back in and filled in all of the spaces. The resulting piece looks so different from my other weavings, I almost feel that it was made by someone else! I love the change in style, and this weaving has inspired me to create more weavings using this technique.

When I finished weaving and took the piece off the loom, I felt it was missing something. I wanted to further define the shapes, and surface crochet came to mind! I also wanted to include some metallic yarn in the weaving, and surface crochet was delicate enough for the sparkle not to overpower the other yarns. Suddenly, the piece came together and made sense! The surface crochet also inspired the chunky metallic tassels in the fringe. There is something so satisfying about the surface crochet technique and being able to "draw" with your hook!