Saturday, December 26, 2009

Etimo Crochet Hooks, a Review

I just received a box of goodies I ordered from America, and inside, was my long awaited set of Etimo crochet hooks!  They are a gift to myself for selling a design to a yarn company. 

The first thing I noticed was the case.  It is so stylish, it looks like a fashion accessory.  It has lovely flecks of silver running through the fabric.  It also has a nice little magnetic closure.

I got the set of the larger size hooks, sizes"D" through "J" with the addition of a 4.5mm hook.  The set also comes with a small pair of Italian made scissors, a 4 1/2" ruler and tapestry needles in two sizes.  They also sell a smaller size set that includes sizes 0-14 (8 hooks).

I love the ultra smooth rubber handles.  They are firmer than I thought they would be.   For some reason, I thought the handle would be slightly squidgy.   They are comfortable to hold and are a nice weight.  I am thrilled with how the yarn moves so easily on the the hook.  It is much smoother than a Boye or Bates hook.

I do like working with them, but they will take some getting used to.  I have found that the throat of the hook isn't quite as deep as I would like it to be, so the yarn slips out sometimes.  The other thing I have to get used to, is the large handle.  I hold my hook with a pencil hold and have found it is a little awkward when I rotate the hook.  When I hold it with a knife hold, it is fine.  I am just not as comfortable holding the hook that way. I will have to practice with these hooks to find the best way to work with them.   I am not ready to use them for designing just yet, but I am determined to make them work for me as they are such nice hooks!

I purchased this set by email from Knitty City in New York, a shop I hope to visit in person one day!  The owner, Pearl was very helpful and dispatched the order the next business day.   This set cost me $79.95 plus shipping.  They also sell the hooks individually if you would like to try one before investing in an entire set.

UPDATE (September 7, 2010):  Please see my latest blog post on Etimo hooks for new online availability information.

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