Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Most Useful Piece of Crochet

Less than 30 yards in front of my house is an Iranian bakery that makes the most delicious flat bread. The balls of dough prepared are flattened, and next, the flat disc of dough is flapped between the hands very quickly. Then it is stretched in an instant on a convex shape covered with the cloth. Finally, the bread is thrown very abruptly on the inside of the oven where it will stick and cook, forming bubbles.

It is a very simple operation and when you buy bread, you either take it by hand, or wrap it in the newspaper they sometimes provide. The bread becomes dry very quickly, so you must keep it covered after it cools. I crocheted a large single crochet square with a crab stitch border. Then, I put velcro in the corners to close it in the middle. That way, it stays covered, but the steam can escape. We use it several times a week. I love it when I can create something so useful and functional!

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