Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Best Baby Gifts Are Crocheted!

This pattern is called "Sleepy Sarah" and it is designed by the talented  Mia Zamora Johnson.  Check out her Etsy shop, "Owlishly", for some adorable Amigurumi patterns!
I fell in love with this pattern and knew it was the perfect addition to the gift of a hand knitted baby sweater I had just made.  I put a rattle inside, to make it multi functional.  I love details and couldn't resist adding a little embroidery here and there.  If you need a baby gift, think of Sarah!


  1. AW! I love Sleepy Sarah and am gettin' the pattern this minute!!! (((((HUGS))))) and thanks for the heads up! ~sandi

  2. Hi Shelby (this is my second attempt to write/send a msg..tried earlier and it would not SEND..will try again) I work at Premier for your mother et al..and seem to have always been on the phone when you and Sarah come have never really met you...but have knit for over 60years and..have used Berocco for a website/for yarns for years..think the world of them. have a special artistic talent..have a designer 'pizzazz' and a real keep with all of your keen ideas..and your creative spirit will help embellish..the whole world!
    Chris Johnson at Premier