Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello Etimo!

  This is an update to my previous review of Etimo crochet hooks.  I stated before, that the hooks were going to get some getting used to.   So I put them aside for a while, as I had a few projects to complete.  Well, I finally had the chance to try them again, and it didn't take but a few rows to know that I never want to go back to my old hooks!  Normally, I hold my hook very tightly.  When I learned to relax my hand into the ergonomic grip, everything fell into place.  My tension is better than ever!   I would like to buy all of the available sizes now.  I recently had to go back to a regular hook as I didn't have a size "N" Etimo.  I was counting the stitches until I could get back to a project for which I could use an Etimo hook!  I think I will be contacting Knitty City soon to get the set of smaller sized hooks.
UPDATE (September 7, 2010):  Please see my latest blog post on Etimo hooks for new online availability information.

This is an ad from one of my vintage crochet magazines.  I have several vintage crochet hooks, but have never seen one quite like this (Etimo's long lost relative, lol)!

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