Saturday, February 13, 2010

Living in the Land of Crochet

Until recently, I really thought the entire world was biased towards knitting.  I have never understood this, as there is such beauty in both knitting and crochet that I believe both should live side by side.

Anyway, this week, I went to my lys (local yarn store) Barakat in Salmiya, during their annual sale.  I  was hoping get some Japanese crochet stitch dictionaries.  I have had my eye on them for some time, but wasn't sure that I wanted to spend $50.00 on one.  Imagine my surprise, when all I found were the knitting dictionaries.  The saleswoman told me that people are mostly interested in the crochet ones, and snapped them up the minute they went on sale.  I am now hoping they will mark the Knitting dictionaries down further as they have so many, and they are gorgeous!

After the trip to the yarn store, I went to an exhibition in honor of Kuwait's upcoming National Day.  There were several exhibitors with handmade crochet dresses and accessories in the colors of the Kuwaiti flag (red, white, green, and black), and many of the dresses looked like flags with sleeves.  Very bold!  I didn't see one scrap of knitting.   I didn't know that I was living amongst so many crocheters!

The yarn store did put some more crochet books out later in the week, and they were all sold out within a few hours.....except one.  Yes, with a stroke of luck, I got the last available Japanese crochet stitch dictionary in Kuwait!  After looking at it,  I know I must buy more!!!  They are far superior to any others I have seen.  I am planning to treat myself to another one from YesAsia.  They seem to have the best prices on Japanese books and they have FREE shipping!  I have ordered from them before, and they are so easy to deal with.  I also just noticed, that they have started translating their titles to English, so it is much easier to search for those of interest.  Now, I just have to choose which one I want!


  1. When i was in Kuwait I bought a Japanese knitting dictionary. I didn't see any crochet ones. they had probably all sold out. lol. I didn't know they did any. Now I want one.
    It's so fun to use this book. It's so international, no words are necessary.

  2. I wonder if they sell them in the UK? If not, I believe YesAsia ships anywhere. They are such beautiful books!

  3. Wow! your an amazing crocheter! I hope that i could get some tips from you to put in my blog ;)

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