Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Look for the Blossom Necklace

I love to add small details to my crochet work, and there are endless ways to change the look of a design through embellishment.  I think that the Blossom Necklace is really fun to crochet, and it can be made in an afternoon and worn out in the evening!  For this version of the necklace, I opted to use seed beads and sequins on the blossoms, sewn on with invisible thread.  Then, I used the blossom yarn to sew a running stitch along the vine to add a little pizzazz.

I am happy to report, that this pattern has been downloaded over 1600 times via Ravelry.  If any of you have made the necklace, I would love to see your version!  If I get enough responses I could post a gallery of the photos here on my blog.  You can email photos to me at:  I will look forward to hearing from you dear readers!

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