Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Crafty Use for a Crochet Design Prototype

My daughter loves pretend pets, and we have found some creative ways of making them.  One night, she asked me for a goldfish.  Unfortunately, we have had a few real ones that didn't last very long. So I decided we wouldn't be having any pets for a while.  She was in tears when I told her we weren't going to buy another one.  I tried to console her, by telling her that we could make fish out of paper and put them in a glass of water with some rocks that she could choose.  To my surprise, she was excited about the idea and liked it better than getting a real fish.  So we set to work drawing and coloring small fish on paper.  Then, we covered the paper on both sides with packing tape to make them somewhat waterproof, and cut them out.  I found a small glass while she decided on the rocks.  We filled it with water and she assembled the scene.  Now, it has become a weekly event.  We make new fish and change the rocks inside.  This week, while sorting out my yarn stash, I found a lily center prototype from the "Blumen" bouquet I designed for Berroco.  I thought it could be like coral in the bottom of the glass.  Once it was thoroughly saturated with water, it sank to the bottom and sat perfectly in the glass.  I think it is my favorite fish scene yet!  The uses for crochet are never ending!
(Lily from "Blumen" Bouquet)

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