Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Lost Freeform Crochet Treasure... The "Dutch Blue" Necklace

While organizing photos of my work, I came across photos of a necklace that I made for a freeform jewelry exchange a few years ago.  This is one of four pieces I created for the exchange.  I am so happy that I found these photos, as I had forgotton where I had saved them and I thought that they were lost!   It is made in the same method as the "Jewels of the Sea" necklace; I created many scrumbles and pinned them on my necklace form until I had an arrangement I was happy with.  What is really unique about this necklace is the pieces of broken vintage china I included.  In case you are wondering, I used a plate that was already broken and chipped.  I wouldn't have had the heart to break a perfect plate!  I did some embroidery on nylon net to make the lacy top for the center pendant.  I also cut leaf shapes out of felt and  embroidered the details.  There are also a few beads and sequins sprinkled around.  A true multi-media piece!
(Left Side)

(Right Side)


(Center Front Pendant)

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