Monday, September 6, 2010

Have You Seen the New Knit AND Crochet Magazine?

This past friday was an exciting day in the knit AND crochet world!  It was the launch day for the premier issue of the online magazine, "Tangled", run by the creative team of Tracy St. John and Brittany Tyler.

If you haven't already seen it, you must go now and and have a look at this stunning magazine!  I counted an equal number of knit and crochet patterns, with both crafts given equal billing.  There are a selection of garments, accessories, and home decor patterns.  Something for everyone!  I knew the magazine was going to be good even before the first issue, when I saw the wonderful free patterns they were offering to introduce the magazine.

In addition to the patterns, they have an interesting feature called "Cross Threaded" in which they offer a knit and crochet version of the same pattern.  In this issue they are featuring a pretty floral motif skirt.  What I find really interesting is that usually, when you see knit and crochet versions of a pattern, the crochet version is trying to look like the knit.  In this case, the knit version is worked to look like crochet motifs, and each version has its own charm.

There is also a feature on "Tarn"- yarn made from recycled t-shirts, and how to make your own "Tarn".  I like the idea of working with strips of a knit fabric and I have a vision of a giant granny square rug made from some t-shirts dyed to match my decor. 

I am really excited about the future of this magazine, and I am eagerly awaiting their Winter issue, as I  have a design appearing in it that I am quite excited about!  I guess I will experiment with some "Tarn" while I wait:)

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  1. thanks I've bookmarked it. i'm excited but need to go bye byes