Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mixing Multimedia with Crochet

The first type of needlework I learned was embroidery.  I still remember my first embroidery class, taken during summer vacation from school at my local recreation center.  I chose a Cookie Monster printed canvas which might give you some indication of my age at the time!  After I learned embroidery, I added knitting and sewing to my skills and much later, crochet.  I love it when I can combine my skills in one project. 

I have always loved wool felt because it makes such amazing flowers.  I came across some beautiful felt at a store on the Oregon coast, and was inspired to create these bracelets.  I had also just been given some antique silk thread that belonged to my great grandmother, and I was able to use it on some of them, which made them extra special.  My favorite embroidery stitches to use are the stem, buttonhole, and especially the lazy daisy, sometimes referred to as the detached chain stitch.  You will notice that I use the lazy daisy frequently to embellish my crochet work.  In fact, I have to stop myself from using it more often!  

I used some velvet appliques as well.  I really love these as they have a vintage look.  I bought them from one of my favorite stores in London; VV Rouleaux.  If you are ever in London, it is such an inspirational place to visit!

A single crocheted base is such a wonderful canvas for embellishment!


  1. wow, these are wonderful!
    I like to mix techniques also time after time :)

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