Friday, November 19, 2010

The Echelon Hat for Berroco

The Echelon hat is another design I have been waiting for Berroco to release.  I got a happy surprise this morning when it was one of this weeks free KnitBits newsletter patterns!  I had no idea that my patterns were going to be released back to back!  It is my first hat design and it was a lot of fun to create, since there was a lot of engineering involved in the construction.  There are 4 panels that all begin with a granny square.  Then, you work around all 4 sides of the square and make 2 with flat edged tops, and 2 with pointed tops.  When they are stitched together, they create an eye-catching ridged rectangle.  The hat reminds me of a beehive because of the ridges and the honeycomb center.  I orginally called the design the "Nahla" hat, because "Nahla" is the Arabic word for "bee".

The first sample (pictured below) was crocheted in Berroco's Ultra Alpaca yarn.  The color was discontinued shortly after they sent it to me, so they asked me to make another sample in their Vintage yarn.  "Pumpkin" is such a pretty color and perfect for this time of year!

Side of Hat

Close up of Hat Panel

Top of Hat