Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fanfare Cowl's Made by Crocheters on Ravelry!

I am excited to report that my Fanfare Cowl design that was featured in the UK magazine "Inside Crochet", has now had 100 people favorite it on Ravelry!   Some lovely crocheters who have used the pattern and posted photos of their finished pieces, have graciously allowed me to use their photos and talk about them on my blog.  It is the greatest compliment to a designer when someone is happy with their project, and takes the time to post photos.  Thank you so much ravelers; parkberry, VelvetinaB, hollynorris, and crochetdisco for allowing me to feature your great work here!  It is so interesting to see the Fanfare pattern made up in different colors and yarn types.  I hope I will be seeing more of them on Ravelry in the future!

This version made by parkberry, was made wider to be worn as a waist cincher belt.  I was thrilled to see someone make it into a belt, because I was thinking of making one myself.  She used 2 finer weight yarns together to create a more delicate evening look.  I love the photo she took of the two cones of yarn working together.  They look like friends!

The sccond version was made by VelvetinaB in Louisa Harding Grace Hand Dyed (green), and Silk and Wool (black).

The third version was made by hollynorris in Malabrigo Worsted (lettuce), and Twist  (teal).              

The fourth version was made by crochetdisco in Mirasol Yarn Cotanani, color # 402 (blue/ purple) and #409 (pink).


  1. These look lovely. I would find it itchy around the neck but then maybe in silk yarn it would be good.
    It's a lovely design.

  2. Patricia

    I made the one made from Louisa Harding Grace Hand-dyed and as it has a 50% silk content it is beautifully smooth and non-scratchy. I can't wear most 100% wools close to my neck, but this is bliss! It really is a lovely pattern - simple to make, but dramatic to wear. Karen (VelvetinaB)