Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank You Crochet Dude!

I am working on a design sample, and the yarn I was sent is slightly thicker than the yarn I used for the original swatch.  I wanted to make sure that I was using the best hook size for this yarn, and found that I hadn't brought anything larger than a "K" (6.5mm) hook with me on my vacation to America.  I thought to myself, no problem, I am in the land of craft stores so it should be easy to find a larger hook.  What I discovered was, that hooks larger than a size "K" are a rarity in this town!  

After searching several stores, I struck gold at my last stop, Michael's craft store.  I was thrilled to find an aluminum "L" (8mm) hook as part of a set in The Crochet Dude's new line of products for the Boye company- at the reasonable price of $4.99!  I was also happy because I already have a plastic "L" hook at home and I didn't want to buy a duplicate.  I was unaware that you could buy an aluminum hook this large, and I really prefer aluminum to plastic.  The bonus is that I also got the two jumbo "P" and "Q" size hooks.  It was so great to find this treasure in a sea of tiny hooks.  Thank you, Crochet Dude!

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  1. Great find - I prefer aluminum hooks when they are an option so it's good to know that there are larger ones out there.