Sunday, November 20, 2011

French Crochet Style

Crochet style is an interesting thing to observe in other countries.  The differences between countries can be the items they crochet, the way the crochet is put together, or simply the way they are styled in photos. I love Japanese crochet, because it has a modern look that is simple and clever. I love Russian crochet, as it is amazingly ornate and has many freeform elements.  I love Turkish crochet, because it is amazingly delicate, and beads seem to be effortlessly incorporated into it.  I love French crochet, for its charming rustic elegance.

My very thoughtful brother-in-law was in Paris recently, and wanted to get me a gift that he knew I would like.  When he found something handmade, that included crochet, he knew he had found the perfect gift!  When I first saw it, I thought it was a little chest of drawers that I could keep my crochet hooks or sewing notions in. To my surprise, the "drawers" are actually photo albums. Then, the "Album de Naissance" written on it, made sense.  One day, I want to gather some of my daughter's best baby photos to put in them!

This type and color of distressed wood, combined with the linen background and cotton crochet, really shows French crochet style at its best.  French chocolate shops in Kuwait, also put little crocheted sweaters and booties on top of chocolates.  These are given to guests who attend receptions, to welcome new babies.  I always take them home to my daughter, with the hope that one of her dolls will be the right size to wear them!

Whenever I travel, I like to look for books and magazines from the countries I visit.  My mother bought Le Crochet by Natalie Spiteri, for me when we were in Paris, at Galignani bookshop.  They are the first English bookshop established in Europe, but they do have French books as well.  All of the projects in this book are made of thread, and you can see from the photos, they are styled with the wonderful rustic elegance that the French do so well.  French books, like Japanese books, have clear instructions and diagrams, so it is possible to work from them even if you don't know the language.  Most of the crochet books I have seen for sale here in Kuwait, are either French or Japanese.  I am still on a quest to find some Arabic crochet books!


  1. It's so fun to look at the different types of crochet in the world today. I like foreign language crochet blogs for that reason even though I don't always understand the words. :)

  2. I'm with you on this one! I totally love Japanese crochet and brought several magazines home from France a few years ago. The album box is adorable!

  3. Thank you for your comment, CrochetBlogger! Crochet makes the world a little smaller, doesn't it:-)

  4. How pretty! Such a beautiful gift. I love the links to the other forms of crochet, too. It's so cool to compare different approaches.

  5. Thank you for your comment, Kelly! :-)