Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Modern Jabot Chunky, an Adventure with Variegated Yarn!

Since I always like to have multiple uses for any pattern, I decided to rework the Modern Jabot I designed for the Fall issue of Interweave Crochet.  This time, I decided to try it in a chunky yarn.  I thought it might appeal to those who want something warmer and more like a scarf.  The main changes I made were; reducing the stitches in the neckband to 65% of the original, and making the first loop in the fringe half of its original length, and then increasing the length of each loop by the same amount as I did in the original pattern.  I also made the loops wider by making single crochet stitches in the ridges on the underside of the chains.  I am very pleased at the fullness achieved by using a chunky yarn, and that the Jabot pattern has been made more versatile.  You could make one in sock yarn for the fall, and a chunky version for those cold winter months! 

I have noticed that the way the jabot is tied, makes a big difference as to how it looks.  If you like the way it is tied in the above photo, you cross the two ends, and the end that is UNDERNEATH, is wrapped over the top of the other end and neckband.

I particularly like using a variegated yarn for this pattern, because I really think the varied colors give it character.  When I was searching for a chunky yarn to make this sample, I didn't have a lot of choice at my local yarn store.  It was between this colorway and another one in shades of royal blue.  I wanted a mix of colors, so I chose this one.  I was really unsure how it would look, because the orange and black didn't seem to belong with the purples and magenta.  I even considered cutting the orange and black section out, if it didn't look good.  To my surprise, the color mix grew on me, and I really like the touch of orange in the finished Jabot.  The neckband looks quite different on the "right" and "wrong" sides.  On the "right" side, the colors came out in near perfect stripes, but on the "wrong side" the colors are more blended.  So I say there is no right or wrong side, they are equally beautiful and one side may look better depending on what you are wearing with it.  I think crocheting with such a wild mix is like a mystery. You can't predict how it will turn out, but you hope for the best!

"Right Side"

"Wrong Side"

Here is the end of a brand new skein of the once questionable variegated yarn; King Cole's "Riot" Chunky,  in Wildflower #654.  Now that I have completed the project, I look at this yarn with new eyes, and the formerly obtrusive orange and black somehow looks harmonious with the other colors, and I can see the creators color story vision.  I will never again judge a variegated yarn until I have crocheted with it!

This pattern is now available for individual sale as a pdf download, from the Interweave Store.

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